5 Top Tips to Adapting and Improving Your Customer Service During COVID-19

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Customer service is among the most important aspects of business and can make or break the image and reputation of a brand. Some companies might be able to win over a large share of the market only because they offer lower prices or unique selling points. However, all other competitors will need outstanding customer service to win over customers and retain them over time. And, of course, customer loyalty is at the core of a successful brand.

However, Covid-19 has created several challenges to today’s companies, changing the way customer service is run and implemented. Without the chance to meet your customers in person or speak to them directly, it has become difficult to find valid alternatives. However, in this case, technology is on our side, and the same obstacles that have to represent a major challenge for all companies can also offer brilliant opportunities! Check them all out below.

Create a Buyer Persona

First off, you should not rush into a customer service strategy without understanding the needs and issues of your target market. Indeed, your company and the services you offer should represent a solution to the problem your audience is experiencing. Without understanding this, the whole product creation process, marketing strategy, and customer service system won’t be effective or successful.

So, start by understanding and defining your buyer persona. This should represent your ideal customer, including needs, wants lifestyle, financial situation, and family composition. Give your customer persona a name and add as many details to the picture as possible. This will help you identify the issues your audience is experiencing. In turn, the process can offer you valuable hits regarding how to solve these issues.

Focus on Business Growth

Customer service is all about business growth. Winning over a new customer can be extremely expensive for a business, especially if you consider that a portion of the budget spent on marketing is dedicated exactly to this.

Oppositely, a loyal or returning customer represents a lower cost on the business’ behalf, but it might represent increased profits. Indeed, returning customers are likely to remain in the company for longer, so you can count on repetitive sales.

Additionally, returning customers can become ambassadors of your brand and help you through positive word of mouth and reviews. And, if something has gone wrong along the way, you can use your customer service strategy to transform a negative experience. It has been seen that customers who have gone through this process are more impressed by the business and are more likely to speak about it positively.

Use Social Media to Create a Community

You might not see your local customers daily any more, but this should not be an excuse to interrupt the relationship you have been cultivating throughout the years. And, if face-to-face interactions might seem too dangerous, opt for the virtual world!

Start by getting the most out of your social media pages, creating a strong community of old, new, and potential consumers. Use your accounts to show more about the brand, yourself, and the work that goes on behind the scenes. Don’t forget to use comments, likes, and direct messages to keep in touch with your audience.

Make the Most Out of Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to ensure you have a direct communication channel you and your audience can enjoy. Email marketing is an excellent way for your customers to receive all the latest offers, and it gives you the chance to add a personal touch to the marketing strategy you have decided to introduce.

While you would have been able to advertise promotions within your business, this might not be a viable alternative any more. The pandemic has fueled a change in all companies and businesses and, without a doubt, it has revolutionised email marketing, giving it a completely new meaning.

Invest in the Right CRM Systems

CRM systems are excellent ways to look after your customers, in a way that is personalised and unique. However, selecting the best CRM for your company or brand can represent a real challenge, especially if you have never needed to introduce one of them in your company before.

It is crucial to speak to an expert professional who can help you identify the specific needs of your company and the CRM system that best supplies working solutions to these needs. While this can represent an investment at first, you can be sure to see an incredible return on investment on this strategy – especially in a moment when customer service can be enhanced only through such systems!

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