5 Ways to take your business to the next level

Aymane Remmal - www.exponentialprograms.comClimbing the ladder in the business world can be tricky. It takes careful planning and good judgment. In some cases you need to be psychic. But climbing the ladder is not impossible. As long as you are open to learning new lessons then this journey won’t be as tedious. To get your business started, here are five ways you make your business reach the next level.

1. Use your unique selling proposition

This is the factor that you sell as the reason your product or service is better than your competition. But before this can be done, you need to be sold on this reason yourself. Grab a pair of your customer’s shoes and run a mile in them. Ask yourself what do you customers want and need? What are their motivations? Why are they buying specific products over others? This reason is crucial in creating a good sales pitch and you can uncover this information by investing in feedback surveys or market research. Then once the research is done, switch your customer’s shoes for your creativity ones because you need to figure out how to sell this message in a unique way.

2. Be the best in customer service

Psychologically if a customer has a bad experience somewhere they will then take it as their personal mission to save someone else from experiencing the same. Treat every customer with the respect they deserve and cater to their needs. ‘Word of mouth,’ marketing is still the most influential ad in the world. Give them the best experience and this starts by having a good receptionist at the door. Servcorp Executive Suites are one rental office company that values the need of having a good receptionist.

3. Be mindful during hiring and fire away

It wastes expenses and time to train the wrong person. It is more beneficial to have a lengthy hiring process in place than a speedy one. Forget about the pressure to hire quickly and instead redirect this urgency when you let someone go because at the end of the day, you will wish you let them go earlier.

4. Have a good location

Invest in having your office on a good city street with lots of traffic. Make sure your company’s name is displayed on the front door and have a good slogan that sells your unique product or service. Someone is bound to read it in the midst of a traffic jam. Don’t forget to display your contact details.

5. Make your business appeal to the masses

Have a product with a reasonable price for all social classes because when your business seems accessible, you will seem friendlier overall. Remove the intimidation. Classify your services with different levels of offers and then give the customer the opportunity to upgrade after a certain time. You are expanding on their brand loyalty and by then they might not want to waste their time searching for a similar service somewhere else. Also invest in a marketing plan that sells your key message to all.


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