Adapting Your Company During The Pandemic


Many months after the first cases were confirmed, businesses are still adapting in response to the coronavirus pandemic. While there may be many challenges for your company, there are also opportunities to do things differently, and improve your services in the process. As you create your post-COVID roadmap, keep these five pointers in mind.

1. Improve delivery options

Online delivery services are more popular than ever before, if appropriate, it’s worth improving your delivery options, in response to consumer demand. When you are organizing your delivery, you’ll need to prioritize contactless delivery, in response to safety guidelines. The majority of consumers require fast delivery and want the ability to track their items, along with an easy returns policy.

2. Health & safety focus

Companies must focus on health and safety during Covid-19, or risk endangering people’s health and damaging their reputation. If you haven’t already, it’s advisable to install cough guards. These screens can separate staff and customers, helping to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. To implement social distancing, it’s likely that you’ll need to redesign your office or store. To free up space, it can be useful to use a secure, local self-storage solution. With a self-storage solution, you can make some space at your location, without needing to get rid of anything.

3. Provide virtual services

You might be a brick and mortar company, but as our climate has changed, many customers have a preference for virtual experiences. If you can offer any of your services online, it’s a great move to do so. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to stop offering services in-person. Providing a combination of both in-person and online services will ensure that you do not alienate any of your customers.

4. Motivate your staff

During these uncertain times, it’s essential to keep your staff motivated. Some employees might struggle to adapt to remote working, so it’s essential to offer support. Utilize the latest communication software to improve your remote communication. A few software examples include:

Flock: With this business communications software, you can unify your teams, increase productivity and collaborate with ease.

Jostle: Using this staff intranet platform, you can increase employee engagement and keep your company culture alive.

Podio: Podio helps staff to collaborate on projects, here you can organize your content and conversations, all from one app.

Besides the right software, ensure that you keep up team morale with plenty of Zoom socials, and one-to-one catch ups.

5. Adapt your marketing

Now more than ever, the public are looking online to find answers about the pandemic. To improve your content marketing, your company should create informative COVID-19 related content, answering questions and increasing engagement at the same time. As much as possible, keep your customers informed, provide emails about what your business is doing to keep your staff and customers safe. Businesses who are seen to be inappropriately responding to the pandemic may come under fire and compromise their brand image.

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