Approach Your New Year Resolutions Head On, Starting With The Office


Start the New Year with great office habits (

It’s been a while since you became manager of your office and having been years at the job has meant that you have become more tolerant to this being less tidy, more chaotic and generally, a less pleasant and shiny place to work than it was when you first took hold of the daily running of the business.

Your co-workers have probably also noticed this and they forgot when the last time was that you watered the plants, bought new staplers or cleaned the kettle.

As a new year approaches, now is a good time to prioritise on resolutions and make tidying the office top of the agenda. Here’s how:

Get rid of all that paper

Paper is to an office what bricks are to houses. Each year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper. Of these, the average US worker uses 10,000 sheets a year, and despite computers having become commonplace in offices around the planet, we are still heavily reliant on paper. Yet, the globe’s forests only have that many trees. In order to better manage your paper-usage, why not invest in some paper shredding services? This will ensure your waste is used for other purposes and not just discarded and any sensitive information is not at risk.

Fix those blinds

Offices need to have good natural light for maximum comfort and productivity. According to a study, office workers with highest exposure to natural light sleep better and longer, and overall have a more positive quality of life. Yet, a couple of your windows have been covered by faulty blinds for months now and despite the fact that a couple of your employees have raised this fact, you seem to have been busy with everything else. Contract a labourer for them to fix those blinds and let the natural light come in! Your employees and clients will thank you for it.

Apply a bit of paint to the walls

It has been so long since the office got its last paint job that you have forgotten which company carried this out. It is visible the original colour was white, as despite the walls being tinted with this yellow tone, the peeled off corners and edges still give you an indication of the colour you last chose. In order to keep your surroundings looking fresh and allow exterior light to penetrate the rooms fully, make sure you apply a new coat to the walls. Use the services of these painter and decorators who will help brighten up your office.

Invest in proper furniture

Poor posture is a common contributor to neck and back pain. A study of 200 people working in offices concluded that 70% of these suffer or have suffered from some form of back or neck pain as a result of bad posture. Your workers could be affected by this too due to you not having had paid enough attention to your office furniture lately. Invest in proper furniture so that your employees are healthy and work in optimum conditions.

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