Are There Advantages of Hiring Freelancers and Contractors over Full Time Employees?

More than ever today’s workforce is shifting away from the standard nine to five and becoming much more flexible. Through the use of the internet it has made many more businesses more easily become global, as they can work with people all around the world at the touch of a button. And as a result, it makes it easier than ever to save month through the people that you work with, as you don’t have to have as many full-time employees when you can hire contractors or freelancers to work there for you. Basically, if your business needs experts but it is lacking the resources required for a full-time employee, freelancers and contractors could be your way to go.

So with all of that in mind, here are some of the reasons why it makes great sense to use freelancers and contractors over full-time employees. Have you ever thought about this for your business before? It would be great to hear what you think.

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When you have an employee there can be a lot of associated costs, such as health insurance or a pension perhaps. Not to mention paid holiday and so on. A freelancer doesn’t need any of that kind of thing. If they are working from home they won’t have a lot of overhead costs, so their rate can be low in comparison, saving the business quite a bit of money.


When you have your own business you do play a lot of roles, and in some of them, you may not have much experience or expertise. But when you use a freelancer, whether that be a freelance accountant or roofing contractors for a client’s building project, it means that you get the people that know exactly how to do the thing you need, rather than you trying to muddle through and waste time. They know what to do and can be quite quick about doing it too, which is another selling point.


Because a freelancer or contractor doesn’t work the traditional hours that you might think, it means that they can work at all different times. If you need someone to be posting on your social media at certain times of the day or when something like the Superbowl is happening, out of traditional office hours, a freelancer can be the person that is able to do that. Plus, as they can work flexibly it means that they are more likely to meet deadlines as they can set their own hours and work through the night if need be, to get it done.


As you are hiring experts in their field, they may come at a project or task from a completely different angle to you. They could offer new insight and innovation on how to get things done that you might not have thought about before. So it can be a great way to get new ideas; they want to impress you, and jaded employees can sometimes just do the bare minimum to get a job done.

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