Careers For Those Who Are Lost

Do you feel as though you’re just ambling through life, hoping to end up on the right path eventually? Well, a lot of people are doing the exact same. Knowing which career path is suitable for you, and which direction you’d like your life to take is often one of the most confusing things to figure out. But the younger you try, the more successful you’re going to be. A lot of people stay within the careers they’re in just because it is stable and they know they’ll be getting a paycheck at the end of every week. But there’s no point wasting life living like that. You need to find your purpose, find your dream job, and stop feeling lost in life. These career ideas below should help you find something you’re passionate about.

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Public Services

There are various different services within the public service sector that we think you’re going to love. The first one, and probably the most popular one, is a police officer. The role is so diverse, there’s plenty of room for progression, and the pay is really good as well. Once you’re in the job, your job is pretty much secure for life. If you wanted to progress your training, you could take an honours BA in policing program that will leave you with a degree level qualifications, and boost you to those higher positions within the role. A lot of people also like the danger associated with this role. You’ll be faced with situations you wouldn’t usually do daily, and your problem solving skills will be pushed to the limit. Other public sector roles include a paramedic. Easily one of the most thrilling yet rewarding jobs there is. You’ll definitely see at a lot of trauma, so this role isn’t for the faint hearted. But it will give you the opportunity to provide the care that some people so desperately need.


Law, like with the police officer role, is just as thrilling. Law is a pretty diverse area to go into as well. You could go as a solicitor or lawyer, a judge etc. It all takes hard work however, and you will need a degree if you want to make it a lifelong career. But, it is a really well paid job, and the years of studying will be more than worth it. You’ll get to see a side of the world that you might not have thought existed, and your eyes will be opened to some of the true tragedies out there. But if you’re feeling lost, this role will definitely give you a sense of purpose.

Personal Trainer

This one is probably only going to appeal to those of you who are sports inclined. The role of a personal trainer may not be as diverse as the other two, but it is a lot of fun, Despite what people say, there is a lot of room for progression as well. You could start off in a gym, and in five years time be the personal trainer to the celebrities. You will need to get qualifications to go into this role, but it is rewarding in the sense that you’ll be responsible for changing people’s lives in terms of weight and fitness.

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