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Is Working Bad For Your Health?

It seems working is dangerous to your health – enough to fill an entire volume!

Diseases Of Workers

Weekday Mood Swings

I know too many people who really don’t like their jobs…

This funny image seems to summarise how they must feel throughout the week.

Daily Moods Of The Week

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

We have all heard the famous saying: TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More, but this company has taken the concept to the next level with humour and wit! Enjoy!

Who do you look like?

We have all heard the dictum that like attracts like…

But does it apply to dogs and their owners as shown in the cartoon below? I leave that in the capable hands of dog experts

Whereas I can lean in on the case of business people attracting the resources and support they deserve. I know it sounds harsh and it is – life is brutal in its honesty and transparency.
Dogs Look Like Their Owners

Simply stated, the people that surround you are a mirror reflection of your current beliefs, principles and expectations. If you are not producing the results you would like – have a look around and you’ll start to see what needs to be changed, updated, upgraded or altogether removed.

This kind of self-assessment requires that you be authentic, genuine, transparent and realistic with yourself and your goals, dreams and aspirations. For assistance in creating the ultimate lifestyle for yourself, have a look at My Best Year Ever Program.
Thank you Kim Irey of Business Telecommunications Inc. for sending this through, as a fellow dog lover, we know they have a lot to teach us!


Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
Worry And Procrastination

Whenever I see or read quotes (or jokes) like this, they make me laugh while at the same time wonder if people get the REAL MESSAGE. I know too many people who procrastinate and self-sabotage their career and success. They are their biggest obstacles to just about anything they want, if only… they got out of their own way!

Sharks without sharp teeth

If sharks can be made to look less menacing without sharp teeth, what does that mean for us humans?

As I’ve blogged before, you can’t afford to be ugly, especially when there are cosmetic dentists like Dr Cary Fraser who can provide dental solutions like Invisalign!
Sharks Without Sharp Teeth


A new way to quit your job – send a video

You have to give this lady credit for doing this – it sure takes guts and it is funny if you’re not her boss…

I guess we all have days when we want to throw caution to the wind and just quit…

But then again, why let a job get out of hand this much in the first place?

While we’re talking about quitting using the Internet, why not try to find a new job in a nearby building?!?!?

Inspiration is 99% perspiration…

Now this is funny if it wasn’t so true… Seriously, You have to admit it made you chuckle, giggle or laugh…

Creativity, Lightbulb Moment, Funny Poster

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Definitions: Architect vs Engineer vs Contractor

An Architect is said to be a man who knows a great deal about very little and who goes along knowing more and more about less and less until finally he knows practically everything about nothing.

An Engineer, on the other hand, is a man who knows a very little about a great deal and keeps knowing less and less about more and more until he knows practically nothing about everything.

A Contractor starts out knowing practically everything about everything, but ends by knowing nothing about anything, due to his association with Architects and Engineers.

Click on the hyperlink for more engineering humour.

Death By Powerpoint Video

As a reader or subscriber to this blog, you know that I teach public speaking skills to business owners and executives as well a Persuasion Presentation Principles that Unleash The Speaker Within You.

One of the most popular presentation tools is Powerpoint. That being said, Powerpoint can often KILL rather than improve a presentation.

Watch this short video to make sure you’re not killing your presentation attendees!