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Sport Can Be Hurting Your Career

This is one of my core principles I originally learned from an Ottawa Professor, Michel Chossudovsky, the author of The Globalization Of Poverty And The New World Order. It’s pretty radical and out there as a concept and philosophy, but one that’s worthy of sharing with you – IF you want to get and stay on the fast track for your career.

The central premise is that professional sports are created to manage and distract ‘populations’ from whats really important…

I told you it’s radical.

That being said, the premise is not meant to make you cynical, but enlighten you about the concept – once aware of it, you’ll start to see it effects and ramifications more and more.

Anyway, THAT discussion is one I keep for my elite Platinum and Diamond Members – today I just want to highlight something that’s equally important.

Unless you are PLAYING a sport, chances are sport is hindering your career and wealth aspirations.

The ‘average male’ spends 10+ hours/week WATCHING, LISTENING to or MONITORING sports…

Others it’s as much as 20 hours/week.

Can you imagine if that time was spent productively?

That’s really all I have to say so I don’t cross any lines and have things be taken out of context.

I’m a competitive squash player and watch sports – BUT not at the cost of my personal goals and ambitions. I ACTUALLY USE SPORT to propel myself and career forward, expanding my sphere of influence as I explain in my book “Get The Best Business Results With The Least Amount Of Effort“.

I don’t rely on sport to get me excited or passionate about someone else’s victory (which today is another company’s profits because that’s what PROFESSIONAL sport is – a business…)

So what’s the moral of this story?

Simple: Ask yourself if you’re spending too much time watching other people’s accomplishments (on the sports field, arena…) than creating your own.

If you think this might be the case – DON’T STOP WATCHING SPORTS, just reduce it, bit by bit.

Then use that time to set your own goals and accomplishments…

Easier said than done.

I know.

Before I read of The Globalization Of Poverty And The New World Order and the infamous Ice Hockey and Baseball strikes in the 1980’s I too was an avid fan of the Montreal Canadiens and Expos…

When I realised that the players’ greed came before the love of the game, I finally got it.

It’s a business.

In many sports, a business that has PRICING dictated by the PLAYERS – that means the EMPLOYEES are dictating the ticket prices and NOT THE CLIENTS.

That simply doesn’t work for me – anymore.

When I was young, my dad took us to see a hockey game at the infamous Montreal Forum – we sat so close to the players we could almost tap them on the shoulder.

Tickets back then (adjusted for inflation) were a FRACTION of what they are now.

Salaries shot through the roof and now you practically have to mortgage your house to take the kids to a game.

As you can see, I have a strong opinion about this.

Enough said for now.

It’s time to change jobs

When you no longer care to do the job right, it’s time to change jobs as these two real examples prove.

TIme To Change Your Job

TIme To Change Your Job

Time To Get A New Job

Time To Get A New Job

You get what you focus on

Recently, a client was being bagged by an ex employee and asked me what to do about it. I told her that the Law Of Attraction is more powerful than gravity and will reward her for focusing on the positive side of things rather than the negative. Whenever I come across people who complain and whinge about their situation in life or business it’s often the complainers, the people who move to litigation and confrontation rather than reconciliation who are dealt the worst cards in the deck.

I have seen too many instances of people cutting off their noses despite their faces.

Anthony Robbins said it best when he proclaimed “You get what you deserve.”

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How to kill your career one puff at a time

Did you know… Australian smokers are individually wasting about 17 days each or as a nation 49.3 million days a year smoking cigarettes. According to Management Today, October 2009. What that means is that if you’re still smoking, you’re killing your career one puff at a time. Employers know how to weed out smokers from their hiring process (pun intended). That means there are opportunities out there you’ll never get BECAUSE you smoke.

Think about it the next time you reach for a cigarette.

I understand that the statistic is all-encompassing and that the 17 days are not all work days, but it’s still time you WASTE – Time you could use to take a course, play a sport, learn a new language or musical instrument, do volunteer work, get that report completed ON TIME…

You know the point – time is precious and the MORE YOU WASTE, the less you’re worth.

It’s that plain and simple – plus chances are you probably STINK of SMOKE – which means most people who are non-smokers will be repulsed by you – if not automatically, subconsciously.

At a recent event I staged, there was ONE smoker in the whole room – when he/she walked in from a break – WHOA!

Can you imagine that person going into a sales call expecting to close the sale?

Chances are he/she has a smoke JUST before the sales meeting just in case it takes a while…

Yeah, yeah, I know he/she’ll take a breath mint or chew gum, but the reek of smoke permeates clothes, hair and skin…

Enough said – I just thought it worth repeating – I know you’ve heard it all before if you’re a smoker…

Here’s a different twist –


You get hired for the best jobs, you get the plumb assignments, you sell more as a salesperson – you get better looking dates, you make more money, you have more friends…

Why? Just because you don’t smoke!!!!

Yip, yip, yipee!!!!

It’s not MY job…

I can’t say it often enough… Whenever you’re given a task – do it right. This one’s from exponential copywriter Farhad Khurshed… I know you’ll agree this is a simplistic example, but illustrative of just not showing up to work with your A game. This blog is all about giving you the skills, aptitudes and strategies to run up the corporate ladder of success – literally two rungs at a time. Stay tuned for those insights and a little humour from time to time. We know for a fact that success is not about taking everything seriously – it’s about being serious about the right things at the right time and ENJOYING the process!

"It's Not My Job"

"It's Not My Job"

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Slackers

As you know by now, I’m all about a Positive Mental Attitude as popularised by Earl Nightingale. However, every once in a while someone sends me something that’s worth reading for CONTRAST and COMPARISION. Today’s post is short because I want you to take a look at this blog post that summarises the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Slackers. It’s a great read and worth reflecting on.

This new blog post has a focus on CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT rather than entrepreneurial or Internet-based ventures…

Stay tuned for really funny stuff including videos, case studies and strategies to help you achieve Professional Mastery!

This link was sent to me by Andrew Powell of Montreal, Canada.