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A new way to quit your job – send a video

You have to give this lady credit for doing this – it sure takes guts and it is funny if you’re not her boss…

I guess we all have days when we want to throw caution to the wind and just quit…

But then again, why let a job get out of hand this much in the first place?

While we’re talking about quitting using the Internet, why not try to find a new job in a nearby building?!?!?

Stockholm Presentation

Now this sure beats a Powerpoint Presentation!

Thank you to Peter Wilson of Oz Cakes for forwarding it to me!

Zappos – Do you have this kind of organisational culture?

I like and hate articles like the one attached. I like them because they make a point and I hate them because MOST people MISS the point. Mike Krsticevic gets it and sent it to me – he’s the one who highlighted it for you!

Click here to download the Zappos article with no opt-in sign up!

Engineer Wins Another Award, No Make That THREE Awards!

I recently blogged about one of our clients, Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours being a finalist for a business award. As it turns out, Successful Endeavours won three – Two business awards and was a finalist for a third! The reason I mention this is because if you’re a professional or senior executive who wants to win the game of business, winning awards is part of the game. It’s not only one way to get free publicity and advertising – in this instance it’s probably worth in excess of $10,000, but places you at the top of your profession, industry and market as THE LEADER.

This blog and the business coaching services we offer our clients are all about teaching you the skills so you play your “A Game” to win. Our Exponential Marketing Strategies are so potent and proven – we even offer a RESULTS-BASED GUARANTEE when you qualify! Contact us now so you too can start winning awards and the game of business!

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