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I have mixed feelings about willpower and it’s importance in goal setting and achievement. The main reason is that if you have a clearly articulated goal, outcome or dream you want to achieve that really excites you, you don’t need any willpower to get it done.

Willpower to me is an excuse for impotent goal setters.

Without exciting goals you would need willpower to get motivated.

Willpower, Discipline, Concentration Of Focus

For example, I don’t smoke. It takes no willpower for me to avoid picking up a cigarette, cigar or pipe. The same is true for overeating. I value my vitality, health and wellbeing so much that I don’t overeat or abuse alcohol or other ‘substances’.

If you’re struggling with willpower and are trying to harness more of it – you’re probably heading in the wrong direction.

Focus on your goals, dreams and aspirations instead.

When you do, you’ll find an unquenchable thirst for achievement that will create relentless enthusiasm within you and you’ll be of the same point of view that willpower has no place in genuine and authentic achievement that is congruent with your life’s purpose.

Give it some serious thought the next time you think you’re lacking in willpower – or when you see someone with very little of it.

Share these thoughts with them because that’s what someone did with me when I was a teenager and it changed my life and perspective forever.

Time Management Tip: The 1 Touch Rule

Time Management Tip, Productivity TipBack in the days before the Internet, there was a time management concept I heard about called the “1 Touch Rule”. Simply stated, it meant that when a paper came into your IN Tray (or on your desk), you were supposed to deal with it the FIRST time you touched it, hence the name – 1 Touch Rule.

I totally understand that at first, it’s much easier said than done, but with practice it gets easier. In fact, you’ll quickly reach a point where you simply won’t touch anything UNLESS you can deal with it in 1 TOUCH.

One of my pet peeves is people not managing their emails. They open them, skim and close them WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING other than wasting time. The next time they go to that email is the SECOND TIME = another waste of time.

The 1 Touch Rule led me to create a concept I call Gap Management. In simple terms, it means using the gaps that occur in all our lives. For example, if I got a message to call a client, I would do it when I knew I would get his/her voicemail. I would leave a FULL message so he/she could deal with the issue BEFORE they called me back – avoiding telephone tag and another multi-touch scenario.

I teach these strategies in my Platinum Program. All I can really do in a blog is introduce the concept and let you know there is a better way to get more more things done in less time. At my workshops, over several hours, I can explain and show you how it’s done with real case studies and examples as well as answer your specific questions. Contact us if you’re keen to learn how to get a lot more done in less time.

The path of least resistance if often the one with least reward

Personal Development, Peak Performance, Career Development, Coaching, MentoringPersonal development and peak performance principles often are a combination of dilemmas and conundrums wrapped up in paradoxes.

On the one hand you want and should aim to get the best result with the least amount of effort and yet to grow, you need to stop cutting corners when seeking shortcuts.

How can you tell the difference between the two?

I don’t know a sure fire way except that “you know in your gut” – intuitively – when you’re being lazy versus being efficient.

I recently had a client ask me the following question:

After recording an interview with a specialist, how he could leverage it beyond using it as a new employee training tool?

If he gave it a serious effort role playing a final exam question whereby 70% of his grade depended on the list he could create in 3 minutes or less, chances are he would come up with 80 to 90% of the list that I would propose.

But he didn’t.

Was it because he’s lazy?


The challenge we all have is to catch ourselves when we are being intellectually lazy. Like any other muscle, the brain (intellect) needs to be exercised to grow stronger, more capable. We can only do that through mental exercise.

This was an ideal opportunity. A missed opportunity.

As his mentor, I responded with this blog post AND the suggestion to do as suggested above. It would have been quicker and easier for me to give him a to do list, but that would create a dependency that I don’t want to initiate.

I believe in the Socratic method of guiding, mentoring and coaching leveraging an Exponential MasterMind Experience to embolden and enrich the sensations and associations whenever possible (I shared this blog post with other Platinum Program Members months ago).

The next time you’re gut tells you you’re cutting corners, use the opportunity to step up to another level and ask yourself the question “I know I don’t know, but if I did know…”

You might just surprise yourself!