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Workaholism Infographic

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Triple your productivity

According to sound and acoustic expert Julian Treasure, working in an open plan office decreases your productivity by 66%… Watch this short video that can help you improve your personal productivity.

Goal Setting

My blogs are all about showing you examples of antimimeticisomorphism – the goal setting video below is a classic example. I agree and disagree with it, because there is a subjective element to it, but for now – watch it and make up your own mind.

This is the kind of video I will have my clients watch and we’ll discuss it in a MasterMind Session to reveal key nuances and distinctions. If you’d like to participate at this level, give us a call.

Japanese Earthquake Highway Repair – 6 Days

As you know, as a regular reader of this blog, it is focused on concepts and ideas related to one central theme- Exponential Mindset Thinking™. Today’s post is timely because of the tragic circumstances of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

This BEFORE and AFTER photo says it all..

Someone once said
“what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”

That being said, this is a testament to the Japanese people’s resilience and their engineering and construction expertise deployed with flawless execution.

I know several local Sydney Engineers who discussed this with me just last week – also impressed by the lighting-quick speed of construction.

This is proof positive of the power of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles and the brilliance of professional engineers to provide solutions that affect us all.

3 Quick productivity tips

Productivity Tip #1

When traveling, test traveling at different times of the day to test and determine which one is MOST productive and efficient for you. Contrary to popular practice, taking an early flight (when you have the option not to) is not the most productive option – especially if you sleep on the flight. Also, you want to consider traffic to and from the airports and coordination considerations. I now travel more often at midday – avoiding traffic as well as getting things done prior to the flight, being wide awake and working on the flight and then picking up loose ends when I arrive at my destination. It’s all about “Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”

Productivity Tip #2

Upgrade your hotel room and/or pick a different hotel or apartment when traveling to familiar cities. You’d be amazed at how different each choice can be. I vary my hotel selections from trip to trip for variety as well as based on what I am doing. If I am meeting with several clients, I will rent a 2-bedroom suite or apartment so that I can have visitors in a comfortable environment. The point is TEST the options – sometimes an upgrade is less expensive than hiring a separate boardroom.

Productivity Tip #3

This one’s a personal favorite of mine, it’s been called time shifting – recording your favorite TV shows or sports and watching them without commercial interruptions (saving you time) when it’s convenient for you. With Tivo and Digital Video Recorders, there is no excuse not to do it. I simply will not watch live TV anymore. If it’s sports, I’ll start to watch it 15 to 30 minutes after it starts and “chase play” through the commercials. I simply cannot afford waste associated with commercials.

I am not the only one doing this – the entire world has embraced time shifting. All it takes is the foresight to plan ahead and make the commitment to stick with it. Trust me, once you start, you will never go back.

These productivity tips are important because we all have the same amount of time – 24 hours in our day. The difference between successful people and less successful people is their use and leverage of time.

The more productive you can be, the more time you gain to do what you really, really enjoy.

The more you do, the more you can get done

When I talk to my clients about productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, I triangulate or combine the Pareto Principle, Goal Setting and several other strategies in a concept I call Voluntary Simplexity. It has its foundation in the movement from the 1980s called Voluntary Simplicity that was made popular with the International Bestseller “Your Money Or Your Life”.

When you apply it, it slows your life down, much like the slow-motion effects in the movie The Matrix.

Imagine being able to live life with that level of confidence, peace and serenity, all without compromising results but improving them. Have a look at my personal mastery website and you’ll see the holistic approach I take to business growth.

Neo And Agent Smith in The Matrix

Neo And Agent Smith in The Matrix

Get some sleep!

A new survey*, commissioned by Virgin Active Health Clubs has uncovered the lengths tired Australian workers will go to in order to catch up on sleep. Results show that a whopping one in three workers, an equivalent to more than three million Australians have taken a sick day to catch up on sleep, with a further one in five workers (21%) admit to finding a quiet place to doze off while at work.

The research also points out that Australians are keen to improve their lives with a massive 89% wanting to change their daily routine to achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. The most common area in which Aussie workers would like to do this was more exercise (81%), followed by a healthier diet (66%) and more sleep (60%).

Sleepy Person Coffee CupsThe Natural Sleep Reporter and Sleep Expert, Elizabeth Shannon commented on the findings, “Millions of Australian workers are underestimating the effect that lack of sleep can have on your body. In addition to reducing motivation and productivity at work, there are also many related health risks, such as increased stress and anxiety, weight fluctuation and sexual dysfunction associated with sleep deprivation.”

Results from the Virgin Active ‘sleep’ survey also showed that the average worker is getting about six hours sleep a night, approximately two hours less than the suggested eight hours. To add further fuel to the work/life balance debate, it was also highlighted that as many as 62 per cent of workers believe a regular 20 minute lunch time nap would make them more motivated and productive in the workplace.

Elizabeth Shannon is not surprised that Australians would welcome a daytime snooze with the majority of workers (63%) interested in a 20 minute lunchtime nap if there was a safe, comfortable and affordable sleep environment close to their work.

Luckily, Virgin Active Health Clubs recognise the tired trend and have entered the market with sleep pods – a comfortable, safe solution to catching up on sleep and a step in the right direction towards worker productivity.

Virgin Active opened its first Australian club in Frenchs Forest in December 2008, followed by a Melbourne CBD club opening on the popular Bourke St in September 2009. It was here Australians first got a taste of the Virgin Active sleep pod experience. One year on since the clubs launch, over 3,500 Melbourne workers have taken advantage of a quick 20 minute daytime nap, helping them recharge and stay alert.

“I’m a huge advocate of sleep pods and the effects that a regular nap can have on your health,” Elizabeth Shannon said. “With the correct ambient noises, 20 minutes of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep can equate to approximately 1.5 hours of normal sleep, quite impressive when it’s only a short period within the average lunch break.”

“I believe that if people made more time to take a regular nap, they would feel the vast benefits within a few days. For busy people, daytime naps are a brilliant way to clear the mind whenever it’s overloaded, and let the subconscious go to work. A quick snooze allows you to come back to tasks fresh, re-energised and with improved decision making, paving the way for sharper thinking and clearer insight,” Elizabeth Shannon said.

Officially opened in November 2010, the Virgin Active Health Club, Pitt St Mall Sydney has been specially designed to take a whole new approach to getting fit and feeling great. With a non-intimidating atmosphere, friendly, tailored work out plans, helpful staff and cutting edge facilities such as sleep pods, members will definitely be on the right path to achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Those who are keen to ‘work out’ with Virgin Active or would like further information on its new Pitt St club can visit

* The independent survey was conducted nationally by Galaxy Research on behalf of Virgin Active in August 2010. A total of 1003 adults between the ages of 18-64 were surveyed across Australia.

Internet use on vacation: Good or bad idea?

I’ve blogged about taking workations and playcations on this or another one of my many blogs. Simply put, it’s about combining work and pleasure so you can establish more of a work-life balance. That being said, I am not advocating you work like a dog, then take a vacation and keep working. What I’m advocating is PLANNING to work through a few days “off” so that you’re not stressed before you leave and when you get back.

There is an all-important nuance here that it must IMPROVE your work-life balance – if it doesn’t, then disconnect completely. Chances are you don’t have the discipline to do this, but if you do, I can tell you it’s an amazing liberation which EXTENDS the time you can ‘afford’ to be away. Instead of taking the weekend off (2 days), you can plan to take 3, 4 or even 5 days off – WITH NO LOSS OF PRODUCTIVITY.

Having your cake and eating it too!

Internet Use On Vacation - Dr Marc Dussault

What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

I have a YouTube video of a concept I came up with to explain how anyone can improve 1 percent, It’s called the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine and it’s one of the core principles that I teach my clients.

Little did I know, in 1955 a cognitive psychological tool was created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. It was used to help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships. It’ss used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings as a heuristic exercise and it’s called a Johari Window.

A comment on one of my YouTube videos alerted me to this.

There are two lessons here:

Improvement Lesson #1: Leverage = Learning

By having my video on YouTube, thousands of people are educated and informed. Then ONE person makes the connection and adds his/her 1 percent improvement – generously and graciously.

Improvement Lesson #2: Improvement never stops

There is always something new to learn, discover and expand our understanding of the world that is out there… Embrace it and you’ll soon we rewarded with on-going feedback that will automatically, systematically propel you forward as if by magic!

This is what “World Class Exponential Thinking™” is all about. It’s the core concept of what I present at the Exponential Extravaganza event scheduled for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and to REGISTER for your FREE Ticket (while they remain available.)

By the way, did you notice how LITTLE EFFORT this took for me to learn something new and add value to my clients? 80% of the work was done for me… That’s the Exponential Twist of the Pareto Principle!

Pareto Principle Applied To Professional Development

We’ve all heard of the Pareto Principle, the 80-20 Rule. What I found intriguing and interesting is Engineering Education Australia’s take on it when the Pareto Principle is applied to professional development. When you click on the hyperlink, you can read the blog post that says it all – you either have an Exponential Mindset™ or you don’t.

Pareto PrincipleHere’s the thing a lot of Pareto Principle People still forget about the Exponential Potential™ that it can unleash within you…

When you focus on the 20% that produces 80% of your results INSTEAD of the 80% that only produces 20% of your results, you in effect increase your EFFICIENCY by a whopping 400%!

Yet most people just think about re-setting their priorities with the Pareto Principle… That’s great, but it’s NOT Exponential.

Want more tips, tricks and techniques to get MORE stuff done in less time?

Come to the Exponential Extravaganza scheduled for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. There I will reveal twists and turns like this that will have your head spinning with excitement as you learn how to do 3 times more in 1/2 the time!