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Do you feel like you’ve stalled in your career or you’re ill-equipped to take on a new role straight out of university or college? This is fairly normal. Most people get hired based on certain skills and experiences then learn what they need to know on the job. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With focused courses you can obtain the skills you need faster and take your career forward with confidence. 

Successful Negotiation

Regardless of whether you are negotiating a sale, a salary increase, or a venue for the Christmas night out, you will require negotiating skills in your careers. These skills can be picked up along the way, or learned to give you a head start. 

If you want to progress in your career or hit the ground running straight from your studies it makes sense to equip yourself with fundamental negotiating skills. These skills will help you answer interview questions and win your first clients.


Networking might be considered a soft skill in some quarters but it’s becoming increasingly more fundamental to a range of careers in the digital age. Outreach and communities both on and off-line play a huge role in B2B and B2C businesses. 

Once again trial and error will allow you to pick up the gist of networking over time but why leave such an important skill to chance. A course in networking from Pacific Training Group, will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to make an impression right away. 


These days most serious businesses have a digital enterprise and that means network security issues. Cybercaf√© is never far away, always updating and innovating its infiltration methods to cause havoc and steal sensitive data. Equipping yourself with cyber security know-how will only add value to your resume. 

Companies are more likely to hire someone with cybersecurity training because they have the extra knowledge to spot a threat or train their in-house staff. Obtaining these skills will also help keep your personal computers safe.


Needless to say communication is important in every career you go into. It doesn’t matter if it’s communication with bosses, customers, colleagues, in person, or online, you need the communication skills to clearly put your message across politely and efficiently. 

If you think you aren’t a good communicator then a course can help. The reality is that communication skills are a set of skills that can be learned. You will find out a lot about how you communicate as you develop these skills and improve your performance in work.

Writing for the Web 

In the digital age it’s increasingly important to understand how communication works on the Internet. More people than ever before are communication through email, message, and through blog posts that are SEO’d for better performance. Against here skills can be learned through courses and improve your resume. 

In a course on writing for the web, you will learn about what writing styles work for an online audience, you will also learn the best practices for SEO and how to design effective websites and Web pages. Don’t miss out on these crucial skills for the 21st century. 

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