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Most people assume that offices are very safe places to work in. However, this is not always the case as they come with dangers and hazards all of their own. They might not be as obvious as in factories or on construction site, but they are there nevertheless.

It appears that around 100,000 office workers are injured while at work every year in the US, but many of those could have been prevented if more attention was paid to safety and health regulations.

Slips, Trips, And Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common cause of injuries by far worldwide, and businesses in the US are no exception.  There can be several hazards that contribute to them all of which can be avoided.

Walkways should always be kept free of clutter and staff should be aware that they must not leave bags or boxes where people have to walk. Wires across walkways are another common cause of these types of accidents.

Standing on chairs should be forbidden, especially as most office chairs have wheels on them. There should be stepladders for the workers use, but they should always make sure these are fully open and on level ground.

Loose or wet flooring is another reason that slips, trips, and falls happen in offices. If there is some carpet or tiles that have started to lift it becomes a real tripping hazard. Wet floors should always have warning signs until they have dried.

Hidden Dangers

Most of the causes of slips, trips, and falls are obvious and can be put right. However, there are dangers that are not so easily seen. For instance, a fire could be caused by an electrical fault in a storeroom or a faulty piece of equipment could give a worker an electric shock. All electrical appliances should be checked on a regular basis, but still, accidents happen with these things.

The severity of such scenarios can be reduced if security cameras are fitted, as a problem will be spotted sooner. They will also help to protect the staff from unwanted intruders, which will make them feel more secure while they are at work.

Job-Related Problems

It is not unusual for office workers to suffer injuries because of their job. It could be that they are working in poor lighting, which will strain their eyes. In the short-term, this will cause them to have headaches but over a longer period can damage their eyesight permanently.

If they have to bend and twist too much to reach the different pieces of equipment they are using, this can cause injuries to their muscles. Using a keyboard for hours every day can be the cause of problems in the wrist. Supplying them with a wrist rest that sits just in front of the keyboard and helps to relieve the strain can easily prevent this. Anti-glare screen covers are also a good addition for workers that spend a long time on computers. Excessive use of photocopying machines is bad for your worker’s eyes and their use should be restricted.

These are just some of the dangers office workers face and although they may seem to pale in comparison to many other industries, if someone falls and hits their head on the corner of a piece of office furniture, they could suffer a permanent brain injury.

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