Dealing with Legal Issues Swiftly and Effectively

Most businesses at some point or another will hit a legal bump in the road, and it is how they deal with it that shows just how competent and professional they are. For smaller businesses, it can be a more significant issue because they don’t have the budget nor the experienced legal team that large corporations have. We have compiled some tips to help you get through the problem.

1. Do not ignore it

Unfortunately, legal issues do not usually disappear, and in fact, the longer they are ignored, the more difficult and complex they are to sort out. Dealing with problems swiftly as they arise will save you time, resources and ultimately, your reputation.

2. Determine the urgency

This is one of the most important things to consider, as how urgent it is will determine how best to go about dealing with it. The urgency may be apparent – debt collectors at the door, for example, but sometimes, a little further investigation is needed to find out the time frame you have available to sort it out.

3. Seek legal advice

No matter how much you think you know or understand about an issue, seeking legal advice is imperative. A good attorney such as Tully Rinckey will offer you a consultation to determine how best to go about dealing with the issue.

4. Buy Yourself Some Time

Consider sending a letter where you are being hassled for a response and need to buy some time.  You can send a message acknowledging the issue, informing them that you are considering the problem and will get back to them appropriately.

This may be useful where, say, someone sets a supercilious deadline, as it can assure the other agent that you are taking action and investigating the matter.  However, remember that this can not always be done, particularly when formal legal proceedings are underway.

5. Be proactive

Proactively dealing with legal matters and keeping them in the back of your mind when making arrangements and plans is always a good idea. This will help avoid more severe issues from arising later on.

6. Increase your knowledge

It is always worth paying for training so that as an organization, you get better an at identifying potential legal issues before they become a problem.

Some of this can, of course, comes from experience, but do also go along to conferences and training courses.  There are plenty of charity law specialist firms that hold free or reasonably priced sessions to give you a solid starting point.

All of these tips will better help you to spot any potential legal issues as soon as possible.  This additional time gives you more options, and ultimately, more control over getting the result that you need. Make the most of the time you have and get some advice or guidance early on, be it through researching yourself, asking advisers or peers that you trust, or getting formal legal advice.  Prevention is always a lot better than cure!

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