Don’t be a dummy, learn how to speak in public

Are you tired of people manipulating you like a puppet? Putting words in your mouth just because they have the courage to stand up and speak?

Do you get intimated and tense up when you speak in front of a group sounding like a stiff dummy?

Isn’t it time you got over your fears of public speaking and regained your confidence?

Most people fear public speaking more than death itself, yet it’s not all that hard – you just need to know the tricks of the trade.

Watch this funny YouTube video I had recorded by a ventriloquist, just to make the point.

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One of the concepts I will be covering at the Become The Next Corporate Rockstar event is how you can create a persona that is persuasive and engaging.

Mine is “Exponential / Different / Fun” yet focused on producing RESULTS.

This YouTube video is an example of that persona. I came across someone who could do the video on the Internet. I ordered it, posted it up on YouTube and I am now blogging about it.

All with the intent of trying to get the message to you that you shouldn’t be or feel like a dummy just because you’re intimated or scared by public speaking.

The ability to present, persuade and influence is one of the most powerful skills you can develop – especially if you’re a professional or corporate executive.

The top jobs, promotions and pay rises are allocated to those who stand out and stand up. It might not seem fair, but it actually is.

Sitting in your seat, you can only provide or create the value that you can produce.

When you stand up in front of others, you can move mountains and that is MUCH MORE VALUABLE.

Don’t be dummy – register now and learn how you can Become The Next Corporate Rockstar

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