Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

I’ve blogged about this concept before. The beauty premium, erotic capital, why you can’t afford to be ugly and of course how tall people make more money than their shorter colleagues.

At first glance, all this seems quite provocative, but shouldn’t be. The Economist Magazine recently explained why attractive women should not include a photo with a job application.

Let’s face it – this is why you read or are subscribed to this blog. You want to hear it “like it is”.

We live in the real world and it’s far from perfect or fair or “equal”.

That’s why our clients out-perform their peers – we teach them how to appear taller, prettier/more handsome and build/create their erotic capital when and where necessary.

But those tips and techniques are secrets only shared with clients – sorry.

If you want to know how you can make the most of what you’ve got, contact us and we’ll show you how!

Psst! None of the strategies we teach involve cosmetic surgery. They are all safe, legitimate and easy to implement.

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