Don’t Wait For A Promotion To Be A Great Leader


The self-help and motivational industry is replete with positive reinforcement, and as a modern, internet-using citizen, it’s likely you’ve encountered some of it. It might have rubbed off on you, and now your ambition is reaching levels that it’s never experienced before.

This is good! Everyone’s life could benefit from a solid rejuvenation in ambition once in awhile. You might be feeling lethargic, or simply like you haven’t achieved as much as you’d have liked to, and you might want to take it upon yourself to improve that.

This might manifest itself in a rekindled desire to go for that promotion you’ve thought about for some time. To achieve this, you’ll need to show qualities worthy of a promotion. Emulating leadership qualities will teach you leadership qualities, and they’re likely to be noticed. With respect for your current managers in mind, it’s no fault in your for trying to outshine them, as long as you’re subtle and not threatening about it.

Ideas Are Currency

The ability to create good, applicable ideas and capitalise on them will dictate your success in the business world. You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but implementing a new idea once in awhile will be enough to get you noticed. This might be going that extra mile to secure that new client, or identifying what annoys you about the inefficiency of your current role and taking the correct steps to subvert that.

Remember, ideas are currency. But unlike currency, you can dictate their value. Feed your mind with business books, and use your own time to help you foster new attitudes to your current role. You’re sure to become better for the effort, no matter how your career with the current firm plays out.

Take On Responsibility

If you’re relatively familiar with your current role, you have room to take on more responsibility. Don’t just wait to be asked to fill out a duty, be proactive about it. There’s nothing more powerful in your career than to say ‘I’ve done it,’ to your boss who’s trying to pile work upon you. They are sure to notice your increased efforts and reward you in kind.

Leadership qualities are fortified by taking responsibility. To further understand the correlated link between the two, check out Broowaha article Manage Above Expectations: How To Be A Great Leader. You’re likely to have an intrinsically more subtle understanding of the link between management success by going above your station if you’re well prepared.

Outshine Your Boss

This is difficult to do without coming across as overly competitive. However, this is the way the business world works. It thrives on competition. If you genuinely feel that you have more potential then why not unofficially take care of some of their responsibilities, AS LONG AS THEY RELATE TO YOU? The caps there is to emphasise that conducting their job is a sure fire way to ruin your chances at seeming like a hard-working employee, and more likely to look like a young upstart aggressively progressing at any cost. Instead, take care of any responsibilities you know they’re likely to give you. Be confident in your role, and you’ll be sure to fly forward in your career.

A person can only be a great leader if they know how to lead themselves. Be sure to act upon this, and your days of business achievement are to become profoundly interesting.

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