Engineer Wins Another Award, No Make That THREE Awards!

I recently blogged about one of our clients, Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours being a finalist for a business award. As it turns out, Successful Endeavours won three – Two business awards and was a finalist for a third! The reason I mention this is because if you’re a professional or senior executive who wants to win the game of business, winning awards is part of the game. It’s not only one way to get free publicity and advertising – in this instance it’s probably worth in excess of $10,000, but places you at the top of your profession, industry and market as THE LEADER.

This blog and the business coaching services we offer our clients are all about teaching you the skills so you play your “A Game” to win. Our Exponential Marketing Strategies are so potent and proven – we even offer a RESULTS-BASED GUARANTEE when you qualify! Contact us now so you too can start winning awards and the game of business!

Not convinced yet about the value? Click here to read the ONLINE version of the Business Award announcement… MORE FREE SEO!

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  • Hi Marc,

    one thing I have learnt from your Exponential Business Growth Strategies is that they work regardless of the type of business you run. I was initially sceptical that strategies that I could see would work for standard product or service companies would also work for an Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development that provides a highly customised service that is suited to Australian Electronics Manufacturers looking to do Low Cost Electronics Manufacture while also making a profit and going against the trend of offshoring to China.

    So how has it worked out – brilliantly!

    Since we started our Platinum Program program we have received the following awards:
    – National award for Technical Excellence in Analogue Design 2009
    – National award for Technical Excellence in System Simulation 2009
    – Entrepreneur of the Year award 2010
    – Casey Business of the Year award 2010
    – Casey Business and Professional Services Business of the Year 2010
    – Casey Manufacturer of the Year finalist 2010.

    And 80% of our new business now comes from clients who didn’t even know we existing before we joined the Platinum Program.

    Did we suddenly get technically excellent when we joined the Platinum Program, no way. We were that good already. But we didn’t know what we knew and we didn’t understand how to present that so other businesses could understand it and make the buying decision to purchase our services, a decision that was always going to be a good move for them.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Award Winning Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development

  • Not one but THREE Congratulations Ray and Junette.

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