Enhancing your professional credentials

How would you feel if you could earn an extra $200 per week? Or what if it was a larger amount that could see you earn anywhere from an extra $10,000 or more per year? It is very achievable to achieve these figures, if you are seeking to gain more income from employment.

You can easily increase your earnings by knowing how to sell your value to a business. Once the business recognises that value, you will have room to negotiate a salary or wage that can pay above average. It comes down to two areas.

  1. Knowing how to sell yourself.
  2. Knowing how to demonstrate your value.

In this article, we will go through some tips that will help you to earn more in your career through the enhancement of your professional credentials.

Add a new skill set

One of the quickest ways to add a new skill set to your professional credentials is to invest in a course that will teach you and provide you with the hands on experience.TAFE courses, workshops and university courses offer modules that can be done over a few days, months or years. Depending on what skill sets you need and the training required to develop these skills, they can be a cost-efficient investment that can yield you thousands of dollars in extra income, over the course of your career. Before enrolling in a course, it would be wise to scope out the job market to see if there are any emerging trends with skill set demands. This may come off the back of technology developments or skill shortages.

Become a specialist in a niche

The more specialised you become in a niche area of expertise, the more in demand you should become for that particular skill set. It generally tends to be a natural progression during the course of one’s career. However, it would be ideal if people can identify the direction when they are starting in employment or while they are undertaking class modules in universities or online TAFE courses. This will allow potential employers to recognise the direction of their skill set. If you are a jack-of-all-trades, you will find it more difficult to get work and to increase your wages.

Upskill your current skill set

If you are already good at what you are doing, why not make yourself become better? Investing in courses that will upgrade your level from a certified certificate one to a certified certificate two; and so on, can yield you a recognised qualification that will see you earn an increased minimum wage or salary, as per industry regulations. In some cases, your employer may pay for the course. Or you may invest in the course yourself and pitch yourself to your current or new employers with your newly upgraded skill, in a bid to earn more.


Any type of awards, certificates, diplomas, publications or accolades will only help you enhance your professional credentials. The more others are saying about you, the better it is. Furthermore, if this can be backed up with printed publications such as PR editorial write-ups, features in industry magazines, newspapers, newsletters or publications, it will only help to hold you in high stead.

Years of experience

Employers always value the amount of employment years candidates have in association with their skill set. Although it isn’t completely accurate, employers will generally look into the years of experience that you have with certain brands, industries and skilled practices. Employers can also be impressed with any training that has been undertaken by the candidate, that was paid courtesy of the company or paid for privately.

Enhancing your professional credentials and image doesn’t need to be difficult. By implementing a few of the tips shared above, you can gain increases in your wage and salary easily that will see you earn more over the course of your career.


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