Five Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Employees Happy

There are many things that you will have to think about, particularly if you are a new modern business owner, and often there are things that might slip your mind or perhaps that you don’t prioritize. Employee satisfaction is one of the things that will make or break your business, as a happy employee means a more productive employee. To retain a member of your staff, it is crucial that they feel welcome, valued and engage with your company. This is why it is so important to limit the turnover of your employees and focus on hiring and retaining reliable, trustworthy and hardworking members of staff. Recruiting a new member of staff is only the first part of the job process however and making sure that they want to stay is part of the process as well. There are many ways to make someone feel valued and content at work, here below are five of them.


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Pay your employees well

Paying your employees well is perhaps the most obvious way in which to keep them content. As your members of staff will be spending most of their waking hours working for you, they will want to be adequately reimbursed for their contributions to you and your company. Paying above-average wages will ensure that your staff have a consistent reason to stay with you and will not move to another competitor.

Provide benefits

Health care, life insurance, and pension plans are benefits that are expected by most employees. A company that does not offer a comprehensive benefits plan will lose out to another company that does. Additionally, It is worth investing in your employee’s overall health by providing good dental and health insurance as well perhaps fitness benefits which will not be overly costly but will be well-received by your staff.

Be open and transparent

Communicating with your employees and keeping them up to date with the company is key to fostering trust between you and them. Poor communication is noted as being one of the biggest reasons for unhappiness within the workplace, so the importance of keeping your employees in the loop cannot be underestimated. Have regular meetings and do not only give your staff good news, but also be honest with them and let them know bad news that may affect them as soon as you can.

Be reliable

This means paying your staff on time, and keeping them in the loop should there be a delay in their payment. Do try to avoid paying your employees late even if this means taking it out of your pocket first. Being reliable isn’t solely limited to payment, however, as this also means replying to their emails, being on time, and not canceling individual or group meetings without enough notice, as well as many other smaller things. Encourage your employees to be reliable by setting the example.

Make your staff feel safe

Have policies in place which protect your staff from abuse of any kind, as well as offering them support for any physical or emotional abuse of stress they may have experienced working for you. Consider outsourcing externally, using specialized services such as Health Assured, who offer employee assistance programmes. This will cover your back as well, and ensure that you combat any work-related incident within work rather than it going beyond the office.

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