From ‘Just A Job’ To Finding Your Calling

I come from a family that valued higher education, hard work and integrity. I can’t say that it’s all that common these days.

One of the foundational principles I was brought up with was the understanding of the hierarchy shown below. This Professional Mastery Blog is all about helping you migrate from having ‘just a job’, to developing a great career, accelerating in your profession and ultimately finding your calling – the reason you’re here and the only way you get to feed your spirit living the dream life you’ve always wanted.

It’s what I describe as

living a life of revolution by design
rather than evolution by default
to avoid extinction by stagnation
” — Dr Marc Dussault

From Just A Job To Finding Your Calling

From Just A Job To Finding Your Calling

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I am continuously expanding my dream empowering others to discover and live theirs. If you don’t know that much about me, check out my website (, take a look around and you’ll see I’m the real deal. Unlike so many others that ‘claim they have the answers’…

I am NOT a coach – I’m a mentor – the difference is I’ve been where you are and am where you want to be.

I’ve done it in business, running successful businesses in multiple industries.

I’ve done it internationally, working in North America, Europe and now Australasia and the Asia Pacific Rim.

I’ve done it with investments, retiring from the rat race in 2005 at the age of 42.

I’ve done it with private, family-run businesses and public companies listed on the ASX and the NASDAQ.

I’ve done it personally with a 25-year loving relationship, traveling to 36 countries.

I’ve done it in my career and profession as a corporate executive, headhunted by the #1 executive search consultants in the world.

I’ve done it in sport, obtaining a top 20 world squash masters ranking in less than 5 years of competitive play and fewer than 10 competitions!

I’ve done it with my physical health and vitality, not having a sick day in the last 20 years.

I’ve done it and am LIVING it with a lifestyle that combines quality of life with an exponential business model that creates $20 to $50 million in value for my clients every year.

Join the Exponential community and make this a lifestyle choice – one that will transform you into a boundless opportunity thinker and ‘doer’.

It’ll be the most fun you’ll ever have succeeding.

We’re either rules or we’re rewards – get rid of your old rules and let’s start to create the amazing REWARDS that will make you tingle with excitement, pride and most importantly fulfilment and serenity that only presents itself when you are being your authentic self. The person you know you could always become.

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