From Surviving To Thriving: Advice For Business Owners Affected By The Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world on its head. At the start of the year, nobody could have predicted what would unfold in the months to follow. For business owners, it has been a terrifying time, but there are signs of green shoots appearing. If you’ve been putting all your effort into surviving the crisis, here are some tips to help you start thriving and building for the future.

The advantages of remote working

Over the last few months, millions of people all over the world have been working from home, with offices, stores, call centers, healthcare practices and banks closed. While remote working might not be ideally suited to your workforce, it’s highly likely that every business will be able to take something positive out of being able to adapt to a new way of working. Many employees might have enjoyed spending more time at home and having more control over their schedule, and being apart physically might have actually strengthened ties. Virtual meetings, email and instant messaging make it possible for employees and employers to stay in touch, to work through tasks together and to communicate with clients and customers around the clock. For employers, it may be possible to adopt some measures in the future to save money on expenses and to provide employees with the choice to work remotely more frequently.

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Capitalizing on the benefits of online business

The Internet has provided a lifeline for businesses during the pandemic, with many able to continue selling and promoting services via online ordering and digital marketing techniques. Even if you’ve never sold products online before, you can benefit from the popularity of the Internet and increased web use. You can use social media to communicate with customers and showcase products, you can use blog posts and informative content to up-sell services and improve SEO, and you can offer clients the chance to order products that they can collect or have delivered to their doorstep. If you don’t have a brilliant website, or you’re not experienced in SEO and PPC, it’s beneficial to work with an agency that can help you create and convert leads and generate traffic. Before you sign any contracts or pay out for services, browse portfolios, research and read testimonials and articles like this Supple review and sit down and discuss the project in detail. You want to hire experts who can offer a personalized service to help you achieve your objectives and goals.

Diversifying services and identifying opportunities

Almost every business has been forced to make alterations as a result of the global lockdown. While many companies have been hit hard, some have benefited from an upturn in demand for specific products and new opportunities brought about by changing consumer trends. Personal trainers are an excellent example. While gyms may not have been open for several weeks, many trainers have maintained a healthy income by diversifying their services and offering different options. Rather than inviting clients to a studio or a sports center, trainers have hosted one-to-one sessions online and offered customers the chance to work out at home by following online training programs or signing up for virtual classes. Some companies have switched to manufacturing products that are sought-after, for example, hand sanitizer, while others are taking advantage of people spending more time at home. Online courses, for example, have become increasingly popular during the crisis.

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The pandemic has affected the vast majority of businesses. If you’ve managed to survive, now is the time to focus on thriving.

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