Getting Health and Safety Right in the Post Lockdown World

Many areas around the world are starting to reopen following a lockdown to slow the spread of a deadly pandemic. These lockdowns could continue to come and go, either locally or nationally for who knows how long, but despite not knowing what might come next, most businesses have either reopened or are trying to find a way to do so.

As a manager or owner, one of your main concerns should have always been health and safety. Some of these concerns would have been specific to your business and the nature of your work, and regulations and health schemes such as the coal mine workers health scheme and their coal board medical are on hand to help with these. Others will be more general health and safety considerations which apply to all of us, whatever we do.

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But things are changing. Now, not only do you have to minimise the risks of falls, trips and spills. You also have to prepare to reopen with social distancing considerations. Here are some tips to help you get health and safety right in the new world.

Make It Covid-19 Secure

Right now, your priority when it comes to reopening, or staying open while keeping people safe must be making sure your business is Covid-19 secure. Your local government or council will have plenty of information on what needs to be done. But, a few tips include installing sanitiser stations, moving desks further apart, or changing the layout of your store to allow customers more space to walk around, and reducing numbers, by limiting customers capacity and staggering employee shifts. You may also want to provide PPE, add extra deep cleaning to your day, and install screens. You may find a cleaning checklist, detailing touchpoints and other high contact areas that need to be sanitised throughout the day, helpful.

Stay Up to Date with Current Guidance

Unfortunately, we still know little about the pandemic and how it is likely to progress as we move forward. Guidance is expected to change, new lockdowns or restrictions may be imposed, and things can change very quickly. Keep an eye on updates and make changes as needed.

Listen to Your Team

If anyone is going to spot potential risks or problems, it will be members of your team that spend their days working in your environment. Listen to their concerns, work with them to find solutions, and try to be flexible with them if you need to. You may have employees that would rather stay working from home, in which case, ask yourself if this is possible?

Don’t Forget Previous Responsibilities

Covid-19 hasn’t replaced all of the old risks; it’s just added to them. You will still have other health and safety needs, and you should make sure your workplace is still health and safety compliant as you add covid-19 protections.

Complete New Risk Assessments Regularly

The best way to make sure your health and safety standards is to complete risk assessments regularly, these will help you to spot issues, and things that might not be working quickly, and implement changes before they cause problems.

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