Getting into Contracting

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The contracting sector is one that is evolving at a rapid rate as more and more people are wanting to take advantage of the benefits of flexible working. And businesses of all kind are also looking to hire people on a less rigid basis, so the demand is growing as well. Contractors often have the advantage of earning significantly better rates of pay, as well as being freer to choose when they want to have time off. So, if you are looking to leave the workforce and strike out on your own as a contractor, here is some advice to get you started.

Quit Your Current Job

Contractors tend to have enjoyed a great deal of success in their current field, so if you have the skills to offer, you are more than likely to find someone who is in need of them fairly quickly. Contracts tend to come and go pretty fast, and you are likely to get started within a short space of time. Of course, the decision to leave your job is a big one, so make sure that you are totally comfortable with your choice and you are in a secure enough position to do so.

Secure Your Contracts

There are two main ways that contractors tend to secure their contracts. The first is approaching the client directly, and the second is going via a recruitment agency. The latter tends to be the most common way of getting started unless you have extensive contacts within your field who you can call upon to give you work. Scour through the online job boards to see what sort of positions are available. Keep your online profiles updated and visible so that people can find you if they want to.

Build Your Connections and Suppliers

You need to build up momentum in order to really get the ball rolling in the world of contracting. This means working hard to build up your connections. Depending on what sector you are getting involved in, you may also need to build up some suppliers so check out this website if you are entering an industrial field. Over time, it should get easier and easier as you start to learn your profession and make a name for yourself.

Decide on a Payment Structure

Payment structures tend to come in two main forms. The first is that you become a director and shareholder of your own one-person company, while the second involves working for an umbrella organisation. Bear in mind that limited companies incur accountancy fees, and you may find that hiring your own accountant pays off.

Getting into the world of contracting is likely to be a route that more and more people go down as they search for that all-important work-life balance. So, if this is a path that appeals to you, these are just a few of the things that you can do to get yourself started in this fast-moving and competitive area.


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