Hire The Right Employees With These 5 Tips


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Hiring the right employees can be a critical factor in the success or demise of your business. But finding the right person for the job can be a stressful, time-consuming experience – sometimes you wonder if it would be easier to just take a gamble on the first seemingly qualified candidate that comes by. So how can you find the people you need without all of the stress? Here are a few things you should bear in mind throughout the hiring and interview process to help you make the best possible hire.

1. Narrow Your Search

Recruitment can be a really messy process and there are many different ways to streamline it. Some businesses prefer to list vacancies and opportunities themselves through public job search websites, but the responses are wildly varied and it can be hard to narrow down the candidates. Going through a proven recruitment company like Smart Worker will help you find ideal candidates and get them in for an interview far more efficiently.

2. Look For Commitment

Anyone who is committed to building their career is a person you want on your team. People with long resumes filled with short stints at other companies, jumping ship every six months for the promise of a higher salary, are not worth your time regardless of their skill level. A career-focused person tends to be a loyal person and this stability will lead to a long and fruitful business relationship.

3. Check For Compatibility

An employee who is a great fit for your particular company culture is essential. If a candidate possesses the social skills to start developing relationships with co-workers and management alike, they will be a vital asset and key to making your office a fun and enjoyable place to work. They must have a willingness to compromise and work cooperatively with others, so if their relations with current business partners or clients are strained then look elsewhere.

4. Ask Better Questions

Your interview process is a time when you can dig in and find out quite a lot about a given candidate, but it can often get bogged down in minutia or questions that make the candidate uncomfortable. Asking hard questions is fine, but ask too many and the candidate might think the job isn’t worth all the effort. Bring others in on the hiring process as other opinions might give you food for thought.

5. Check Social Media

As mentioned, getting too personal in an interview may cause a communication breakdown. Many employers are able to get a better idea of who a given candidate is as a person by checking out their social media presence. Some may be crafty and have their privacy settings maxed out, but others may be fine with leaving their accounts public. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all excellent places to start.

These are just a few of the ways you can increase the chances that you’ll hire the right employees when the time comes. There are so many other considerations but these are key. What are your biggest considerations when looking at candidates?

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