Hosting The Business Event Of The Year: The Four Commandments

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Aside from lead generation and raising brand awareness, the great thing about a corporate event is the flexibility. Not in the sense that there aren’t strict time deadlines because that would be a lie. No, it’s more to do with a lack of a game plan. A strategy is essential, but the one you choose is totally down to you and your team. In a world where rules are king, this is pretty exciting. Of course, there are always anomalies that prove the rule. In the case of a business event, there are four and you can find them below.

Focus On The Purpose

Concentrating on what you are trying to achieve is a sure-fire way to hit those targets. Otherwise, the entire night will drift by without anyone having a conversation or interaction of any note. In the beginning, it’s vital to tell the attendees the reason for the glorified party in the first place. Don’t be transparent and say “we want your money”. Instead, tell them what you are looking to show off. For example, a fashion show is about showcasing new trends. Obviously, you want donations too so inform employees and anyone involved in the meet and greet process. It’ll help focus their efforts.

Add Value

Companies lose sight of what they are offering because they think freebies are awesome. Yes, people like to receive gifts, but only if they are high in quality. A pen, for instance, isn’t going to make the guests think it was a weekday night well spent. Instead, look to provide rewards that intrigue them and promote brand awareness. Are you trying to break into the fishing industry? If so, a boilie pouch is perfect because it relates to the industry. Where possible, try and giveaway novelty gifts that wow. Maybe you can’t afford a car, but a scooter or a Segway is less expensive.

Delegate Responsibility

Attempting to cover all the bases on your own is madness. There is too much to consider, and trying to go it alone will lead to mistakes. Also, your stress levels will skyrocket. Once you have your plan, make sure there is a person or a team of people who are in charge. Catering may go to Mike in accounting, for example, while Sarah in HR can handle the guest list. This isn’t outsourcing, but hiring a third party is acceptable if you have the budget. Always choose people you can trust and who are organised.


Delegating the details means there are bound to be lots of moving parts. The only way to bring them together is to communicate on a daily basis. Start the day with a meeting and address the most pressing issues. Anyone with problems can raise their concerns and ask for help, while you can collate every piece of information. During working hours, don’t be scared to check in with people and inquire about updates. Even if they don’t have any, speaking directly is a nice way to put your mind at rest.

After these, you can do whatever you like to make the event a hit.

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