How Do The Best Attorneys Win Their Clients?

Like any services industry, if you run a law firm, you must always be closing those leads. Steadily growing your selection of clients not only wins you more custom. It also wins you more choice. You get to diversify the work you do which means that the fate of the business isn’t tied to any one client. The best attorneys and law firms already know this well, so how are they consistently winning new clients?

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By using who they know

Any shrewd business owner should be willing to tap into the resources they already have at their disposal. For a law firm, some of the most valuable resources are the clients themselves. If you’ve already worked successfully with you, they trust you and they know you live up to the promises of the brand. Scoring referrals from clients can be as simple as asking. Experienced-based referrals are some of the most powerful, but many skip them because they feel that asking clients risks the integrity of the brand.

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 By networking

Clients aren’t the only people who can help you find new referrals, either. On your way up in the legal world, you should have already been a part of legal and business networks. If you haven’t been, now’s the time to dip your toe in the water and start networking and building some bridges. Even if you’re not talking to people who are likely to become clients, you are spreading the brand. More than that, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, leading to both expertise-based and reputation-based referrals.

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 By creating the strongest signal

You don’t always need referrals to land clients, however. Sometimes, having the strongest signal and the clearest message is all you need. There are plenty of people using search engines and social media in an attempt to find law firms that can help with existing needs. Legal internet marketing can ensure that your brand is positioned in just the right place to appear and appeal to those people. Helpful, valuable content, good presence on search engines, and a social media community with strong positive feedback can help you win real prominence in the online world.

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By showing the proof in the pudding

People will often look beyond your own branding to second-hand sources, as well. They want to test the veracity of your claims. Focusing on creating a strong business reputation is about doing more than good work. You need to be proactive in asking clients to leave positive reviews, testimonials and to get your firm featured in the press highlighting past achievements. Create as much positive proof of your firm as possible so that the claims of the brand stand up to even the closest of scrutiny.

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By being prompt responders

The online world isn’t just a tool to advertise the firm, either. It’s a way to get your foot in the door when people open it. When they’re on your site, for instance, being able to promptly respond with customer support tools like chat apps can help you close on those most likely to need your services. Making support accessible at all times, both online and through the phone is crucial.

Both online and offline, through existing contacts and new encounters, you have to keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity to build new leads. The strength and flexibility of the firm depend on it.

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