How Motivation Can Drive Growth in Your Business

As a business owner, your motivation is a big factor in the growth and success of your company. But how do you find time to develop yourself personally when building a business? Personal motivation in other areas can give you the inspiration and ideas generation to put straight back into your company development. Read below to find some ideas to inspire and motivate you to pursue your own personal goals this year.

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Valuing Education 

There’s nothing more inspiring than developing your own skills, and it’s the perfect thing to motivate you in your business. Don’t be afraid to enhance your career options, you aren’t betraying your business but upgrading it. Regis College offers Post-Master’s Certificates, for example, if you want to become a Nurse Practitioner. Taking a Masters or Further Education, particularly over a few years or part-time, allows you to keep investing time in both your business and your education. So you can learn how to take yourself and your business forward at the same time.

It doesn’t have to be a Master’s course though. You might want to look at taking A-Level Maths to boost your numbers knowledge or learn a new language like Mandarin through taking a Rosetta Stone course online. Any new training will motivate you and add value to your business. It will also give you an outlet to pursue separately to your company, helping with the work-life balance.

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Pushing Fitness Levels

You know your own personal fitness levels, whether they’re at non-existent, novice or above and beyond. But developing a fitness routine that works for you will increase your motivation and give the much-needed boost to apply even more to your business. If you’re a complete novice, try building up to a 5K run through apps like couch to 5k. It will build up your running speed over nine weeks at manageable intervals. It’s only a half-hour run at three runs a week, so it’s perfectly manageable.

If you’re at a higher level, why not try a new sport like rock climbing or yoga? Set yourself targets to push yourself further, like developing towards a more advanced yoga move or climbing even higher. Working towards these personal goals and achieving, or even exceeding them will give you some much-needed motivation by spurring you on to achieve and exceed goals in your own company.

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Look At Public Speaking

Public speaking is a great way to develop skills that are useful for both your business and your own personal development. It will give you increased confidence when talking to your clients and also give you a useful tool when pitching and presenting. There are lots of different tools out there from day-long workshops to longer courses that you can take on the weekends or in the evenings. Some of these courses also are also accredited and give you a certification at the end of the program.

If you’re looking for a specific type of public speaking course, make sure it’s tailored to what you will need in your business. For example, there are specific courses on talking to clients and increasing confidence, as well as pitching and presenting. If you are able to either identify what is most important to improve personally, or what is most relevant to your business, then you’re sure to get the best out of your course.

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Learn Some New Technical Skills

If you want to improve on your technical skills, there are a wealth of courses out there that can help you develop your knowledge. Whether you want to boost your online business with some copywriting abilities, or develop your coding capabilities, learning these skills will have the added benefit of spurring your on to use your newfound training in your business. There is a wide range of technical writing courses that could help, including proofing, editing and copywriting.

There are also infinite systems that you could learn, from Excel to Google Docs. Some of these courses run online, or via classes, so you have the flexibility to fit them around your current schedule and availability. You might want to learn about cybersecurity or a set of skills that will directly benefit your business.

Generating motivation for your business by developing your personal skills is the perfect way to gather ideas and gain inspiration. Through looking at further study or developing your public speaking or technical skills, you’ll quickly find that you’ll discover new short cuts or ideas that will help you drive your business forward this 2020.

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