How to Go Green At Work

Being environmentally aware as a business is a responsibility that you cannot let go of. It’s easy to just run your business in the way that you want and ignore the world around you, but people prefer to do business with a responsible leader, and if you are considering the world around you properly, you’re going to appeal to clients. It’s vital that you do everything that you can to be the sort of business that will practice sustainability.

From the water pump by Slater Pump that you use  your commercial garden, to the fact that you are using more efficient lighting, your business is going to benefit financially, and all of your employees are going to be far more loyal to you as a result. Everyone has to do their part to take action against climate change, and if you can ensure that you are running your business in a greener manner, everyone benefits as a result. You can get involved and make your office a more sustainable place to be with the tips that we have for you below.

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  • Implement a policy in the workplace that all electronics, lights and more are switched off every evening. The only things that should be left on should be the servers that are required to stay on, and the security system. Everything else is taking up electricity unnecessarily and it’s going to cost you!
  • Talk to your local environmental charities and see how you can start raising money and awareness for them. You can ensure that the whole office is involved when you do this, and this will also give you a chance to give back. Not only is this great for the charities you could support, but it’s good for staff morale to know that they are doing things for a good cause.
  • Contribute as much as you can with your business towards supporting the right fuels. If you can show that your business is supportive of renewable energy, you’re going to be favored by your clients and they will then let others know this about you.
  • Implement ride to work and ride share schemes. Add incentives such as keeping the bicycles that they use and giving cash bonuses to those who contribute to collection and delivery of their colleagues! This will give your staff more of an incentive to give back and get involved in these types of schemes. You could even buy bikes and have them branded with your business name!
  • Put a green rep into place at your business as a volunteer. They can be in charge of ensuring that your business is run in an environmentally friendly way. Encouraging this with your staff will make a massive difference to the way your office is run – and having one person taking care of it will encourage others to get involved and take a little off your plate.
  • Continue a workplace recycling scheme and buy water filters for the faucets – saving you money on large water drums!

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