How to kill your career one puff at a time

Did you know… Australian smokers are individually wasting about 17 days each or as a nation 49.3 million days a year smoking cigarettes. According to Management Today, October 2009. What that means is that if you’re still smoking, you’re killing your career one puff at a time. Employers know how to weed out smokers from their hiring process (pun intended). That means there are opportunities out there you’ll never get BECAUSE you smoke.

Think about it the next time you reach for a cigarette.

I understand that the statistic is all-encompassing and that the 17 days are not all work days, but it’s still time you WASTE – Time you could use to take a course, play a sport, learn a new language or musical instrument, do volunteer work, get that report completed ON TIME…

You know the point – time is precious and the MORE YOU WASTE, the less you’re worth.

It’s that plain and simple – plus chances are you probably STINK of SMOKE – which means most people who are non-smokers will be repulsed by you – if not automatically, subconsciously.

At a recent event I staged, there was ONE smoker in the whole room – when he/she walked in from a break – WHOA!

Can you imagine that person going into a sales call expecting to close the sale?

Chances are he/she has a smoke JUST before the sales meeting just in case it takes a while…

Yeah, yeah, I know he/she’ll take a breath mint or chew gum, but the reek of smoke permeates clothes, hair and skin…

Enough said – I just thought it worth repeating – I know you’ve heard it all before if you’re a smoker…

Here’s a different twist –


You get hired for the best jobs, you get the plumb assignments, you sell more as a salesperson – you get better looking dates, you make more money, you have more friends…

Why? Just because you don’t smoke!!!!

Yip, yip, yipee!!!!

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