How To Present A Technical Subject

Technical professionals have a unique challenge when faced with presenting technical subjects. How much technical jargon should you include to build credibility versus leaving it out to maximise clarity and understanding?

Here is a great example of someone explaining a very technical subject in a way that any lay person can understand. He did it by looking at the audience and keeping it simple and accessible.

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  • Thanks for showing this Marc, as an Engineer this is one of the biggest challenges I also face.

    Keeping it technical enough to be credible and simple enough to be grasped. So it was good to see it handled so well here by Steven Cowley as explained nuclear fusion, its importance to our future and also how big the challenge still is.

    Until nuclear fusion becomes mainstream we are focusing on the other half of the equation; reducing energy requirements through low power electronics design that can drop the power consumption by over 99% of existing products.

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