How To Present In An Assertive Manner


We often think of public speaking to our colleagues to be a worrying thing. But sometimes, it might be that we absolutely cannot let our nerves show for a moment. Of course, if celebrating something internal, it might be that your presentation is a lot more relaxing and showing the nerves might not be as worrisome. But let’s say you’re standing in front of the entire department. Perhaps they haven’t been as active and hardworking as they could have been. You know that all the variables were accounted for, and for some reason, the staff just didn’t engage this year, despite the investment in training and positive working atmosphere you have built. You have investigated all other causes and have come up with nothing.

You realize that actually, you might need to be assertive, remind them of their jobs, show them their negative performance and inform them with constructive criticism and then encouragement. This is the only way to hammer the point home. But, as you’ve noticed, preparing an assertive presentation is harder than being Mr. Nice Guy. How do you begin?

Let us help you out:


Posture can truly help your case, no matter what that case is. We are physiologically wired to respond to presence, and the stature of that presence. For example, we see someone who is in the foetal position to be scared, vulnerable, perhaps injured or harmed in some way. In fact, you may have noticed this of yourself in the past. Let’s say you were at a party. Perhaps you weren’t comfortable in the social setup there. You felt out of place, and surrounded by people who didn’t understand you nor wished to. Subconsciously, it’s likely that your posture started shrinking in on itself.

Of course, you likely didn’t adopt the foetal position, but you may yourself a little smaller, and a little lower to make yourself less visible. It’s a natural tendency. But the reverse affect can be true. Standing up straight, being forthright with your gestures, and projecting your voice helps you feel strong. It subconsciously raises you taller. This will help you be more assertive, quicker in your thoughts, and more willing to do a good job. Practising your posture can also help your lungs breathe more easily, allowing your voice to carry much more than it might have.

Make It Seamless

You can’t particularly give a pressing presentation should your slides have trouble presenting themselves, or if the information you need to hand does not appear. This is why you should use smart templates to wow your bosses and colleagues alike. Making the transitions seamless, allowing the information to speak for itself and to ensure a standardized format can take the hard work out of your hands, and allow you to focus on the content of your speech.

Keep It Pressing

We can all ramble about subjects we find interesting, or that we feel important to express. But keeping it simple, punctual, pressing and strong can also ensure people remember it, and feel the weight of emotion and logic behind your argument. Keep it pressing and refine your script. Stick to what matters. Then you will enjoy the perfect end result.

With these tips, your presentation is sure to be as assertive as you need it.

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