Is Your Business Safe?

It’s National Ladder Safety Month which makes it a very appropriate time to talk about safety at work. Some companies are really aware of this and make health and safety a big priority. But to everybody does. And sometimes, that can just be down to a lack of knowledge. Yet keeping your business safe and secure is important if you want it to keep running. So let’s take a look at the key areas you need to cover off when working on health and safety.

1. Premises Security

The very first area that you’re going to want to cover off is the physical security of your office or business space. So, do you have locks n place? Are you keeping your equipment safe? It may even be the case that you need to get CCTV as a backup too.

2. Online Security

In this day and age, every business should be aware of online security. Hackers and fraudsters are everywhere and always looking for an opportunity to encroach on your business. So make sure that you have firewalls in place and maybe even an IT team to look after your interests too.

3. Physical Safety

And, of course, there’s then also the physical safety of people in your business too. Now, this could be down to manual handling and maneuvering with ladders, as covered off in the infographic below. But it’s to just that. You’ll want to have a health and safety policy in place even if you’re in an office with no obvious risks, just to keep your company and its staff protected.

Infographic Design By Ceiling Outfitters

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