Let Your Dreams Take Flight

Do you count the hours down until you finally shut down that screen and head home for the day? Has cubicle life finally become too much for you? You’re facing a choice that so many of us have to make: carry on doing the same old tasks, day in and day out with nothing really to show for it except a paycheck at the end of the month, or decide on shaking things up, stepping away from what you know and starting all over again.

The choice really is yours and although it seems daunting and you might feel too old to start from scratch, consider what’s at stake. Will you grow more and more frustrated at the job you’re in which could quite easily to depression and anxiety or will you take a chance and find a new niche that might just turn into the job of your dreams.

Let’s look at some ways you might make the latter of these two options happen in this short article.

Time to Train

You probably haven’t set foot inside a university for some time and quite honestly maybe you feel too old to start back in education again. Now is the time to swallow those fears and maybe that pride and see where retraining might lead you.

If you’re in a position to start a full-time course then check you have the right access in the form of previous qualifications, otherwise you may need to start with an access course or retake some previous exams to get on the right path. From teacher training to flight school, you’ll find a course that leads you towards the job of your dreams.

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Study In Your Own Time

It might be that you need to carry on working while you’re studying, in which case you have two other options.

The first is evening classes at a school near you. This will demand a commitment from you and your family support to make sure that you make it each week and carry out the course to its conclusion. There will probably be homework and seminars to attend but a weekly course will likely be wrapped up in two if not one academic year.

Another alternative is a distance learning course. Often easier as you can fit it in around your free time. You may have to invest some longer hours in getting the assignments done and once in a while you may need to attend an out of town seminar but for the most part you’re studying on your timetable.

These courses do take a little longer to complete so a first degree may take you up to seven years, if you’re studying part-time, though sooner if you can work through modules more quickly.

Don’t delay, get yourself on a career path that moves you out and away from a job you hate and on into a future where you can be happy and see progression. Studying unlocks that possibility to find your ideal course and start hitting those books.

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