Office Talk: Why Is Teamwork Always A Battle?


Teamwork is a core principle of a successful business. Without it, there is no cohesion, and the processes fall flat very quickly. The unfortunate thing is teamwork often fails, and it’s up to the boss to find a solution. As a leader, you need to prove to your staff why it’s essential for them to take one for the team.

To do it, it’s vital that you understand the reasons why teamwork isn’t a walk in the park. Only then can you start troubleshooting from the hip. Here are the basics to keep in mind.

No Leadership

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the lack of unity in the workplace might be your fault. A leader that isn’t able to bring everyone together is a liability, and it might be time to take a long look in the mirror. If you don’t set expectations and clear goals, the office won’t get the scale of the task, and you’ll have a workplace full of individuals. Of course, no one will understand that they are supposed to work as a team if you don’t communicate it correctly. Before you start pointing the finger at others, you should analyse whether you’re setting the right example.

Disruptive People

People don’t work well together because some of them are drama queens. One tiny thing goes wrong, and they throw their toys out of the pram. It’s like working with a baby, and nobody is going to team up with a child. Even if they did, their immaturity would torpedo the partnership within minutes. Give them a chance to reform themselves, yet don’t offer them countless opportunities. If they prove they can’t be trusted, separate them from the group and look to move them on ASAP.



Teamwork is hard to cultivate because of office politics. If it happens in a disciplined organisation such as the Armed Forces, it’s going to rear its head in your office. How does the army deal with the pog military versus the grunts? The answer is easy: it makes everyone get their hands dirty. By making all of your employees participate in the menial tasks, no one will feel marginalised. Sure, they’ll hate it, but you need to teach them it’s for the greater good. Also, team bonding exercises can be effective. Taking time to get to know one another is a useful way to see someone as they are instead of the image they project.

Dual Credit

A business is a competitive environment where people are looking to stand out from the crowd. Those that know they won’t get the credit they deserve won’t team up with anyone. Why should they when their rival receives a pat on the back? A quick and easy fix is to hand out credit to everyone involved in the process. Then, co-workers know their contribution will get recognised and they won’t be as loathe working together.

Teamwork goes against human nature, which is why you must work hard to change your employees’ habits.

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