Pareto Principle Applied To Professional Development

We’ve all heard of the Pareto Principle, the 80-20 Rule. What I found intriguing and interesting is Engineering Education Australia’s take on it when the Pareto Principle is applied to professional development. When you click on the hyperlink, you can read the blog post that says it all – you either have an Exponential Mindset™ or you don’t.

Pareto PrincipleHere’s the thing a lot of Pareto Principle People still forget about the Exponential Potential™ that it can unleash within you…

When you focus on the 20% that produces 80% of your results INSTEAD of the 80% that only produces 20% of your results, you in effect increase your EFFICIENCY by a whopping 400%!

Yet most people just think about re-setting their priorities with the Pareto Principle… That’s great, but it’s NOT Exponential.

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