Reasons To Use Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is the future. It is incredibly crucial for us as people to make an effort to understand how our planet works and how we can make an effort to have better habits. Our energy is something which a lot of us don’t think about day to day and we don’t consider where comes from.

The most commonly used energy is still gas Oil and petrol and these all are fossil fuels which can have a bigger impact on the planet than we think. Today we are going to go through some of the reasons why you should consider switching to a renewable energy source this year instead of fossil fuels.

You can be paid for it

No matter whether you are trying to power your home or your office, you will want to make sure that it is powered by the best types of energy. Solar power is one of the most popular ways to power a home or office is and it is something which you can be paid for. When you choose to power your home or office with solar panels you can be paid by the government for the pleasure!

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

There is no reason for us to use fossil fuels any more when there are tonnes of ways to power our homes and cities without emissions. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 are emitted by fossil fuels and they pierce holes in our Ozone layer which can damage the planet and cause the sun to warm our planet more than it would have before. Fossil fuels are not good for our planet so it can be a much better option for you to use fuel such as solar panels or wind instead.

The seas can power us

The beauty of a lot of renewable energy sources we have is that they don’t cost a thing. The whole idea of renewable energy is to power our planet with the resources we already have on it. The tides and seas are determined by the moon and the motion of water moving can be used to power hydroelectric motors and power homes. We can benefit therefore from power coming straight from the sea.

Create jobs

With the issues we face in the economy today, it is a good idea for us to open new power plants and renewable energy stations to create jobs for people. The job market can be a dog eat dog world so being able to diversify the energy we used can create many jobs for people.

Diverse options

The beauty of powering our planet with more renewable energy sources is the fact that you can power the house with the sun, water, wind and more. There are so many natural resources we have on the planet which can be used without causing damage and it means that energy won’t be fought over in the same way, and therefore will be cheaper to pay for overall. It is a win win situation!

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