Small Businesses And The Lack Of Account Management

This combination is deadly, so we wanted to discuss it with you today. There are a ton of things that can be deadly to a small business. The lack of funding and profit, the economy, competition. The list of things could go on, but all of those are spoken about in every other article. Instead, we wanted to talk about the troubles that are caused when a small business keeps riding solo. It’s natural to pick up so many links and make so many connections in the business world. From procurement to sales, you’ll be interacting with people on a daily basis that will soon become well known to you. But these aren’t managers of accounts, these are people who you have to speak to weekly, if not daily, to keep your business afloat. The same should be thought about account managers. Over the years you should build up a profile of account managers that are helping to keep your business afloat. We’re going to talk about the essential managers you need.

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Server & Network Management

Server and network management is actually far more important than you might think. For a newly established business, it’s probably not as important as one that’s a few months to a year old. Because within that timeframe you will start to add so many things to your network that need to be managed, and so much data begins to pile up. So all of the sudden you have a database that’s piling high, and poor network management can lead to downtime, which in turn has a direct impact on sales. Network Management Solutions can provide you with support plans. They can manage your server and your network for you, making sure you’re on the best plan in terms of usage and storage. Plus, they can be on call to manage downtime and anything else that might come your way.

Financial Management

Financial management can be hard for a small business. In the beginning, it’s common for a small business to manage their own books. The numbers might not be high and they’re easier to manage. However, as soon as things do begin to pick up slightly, you need an accounts manager to manage the books for you, as well as advise you when making financial decisions. The lack of an account manager can lead to financial mistakes in the books, late payments being made, and a general chaotic view of business finances.

Advertising & Marketing Management

Advertising and marketing is something that will grow as your business does. Naturally a newly established business will stick to social media marketing and perhaps a radio advert if they’re lucky. It will then begin to pick up, and techniques such as SEO and PPC can be used as the budget for marketing grows. As it does, it would be good to have someone managing your marketing and advertising. You’ll have accounts with many different companies and campaigns that are hard to manage. Having someone solely focus on it will allow you to get more out of it.

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