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Monica and I recently took a “workation“, which is a term I invented when I combine work and a vacation. Most of the time is work, the balance… vacation. If it’s the reverse, it’s called a “playcation” – that’s what I do when I compete in squash – my tournament PLAY comes first and foremost, followed by work.

Anyway, the reason I am blogging today is because when I packed for my workation, I left some of my cables and PowerPoint clicker behind. At first it was an annoyance, then I realised it was a sign that I needed to have DOUBLES – like I’ve had for my mobile phone and computer – a set of cables JUST FOR TRAVEL so that I am not constantly plugging and un-plugging my cables.

So now I have doubles of everything I need, will position them in special ‘secret’ pouches in my carry-on luggage and will be set to go anytime, anywhere.

By the way, I’ve been doing this with my toiletries for more than 10 years – when I was a road warrior, travelling the world (North America, Europe and Australia) on an on-going basis – I starting keeping one set of shaving cream, deodorant, brush, toothpaste etc. in a toiletries back SEPARATE from the ones I used at home. This way, I never forgot to bring anything and packing time was substantially reduced.

Just a quick, easy way to reduce the burden of travel and make your new career as a public speaker less stressful and more enjoyable!

If you have any other tips like this to share, please let me know and I’ll make sure I pass it along to our readers!

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  • Ooh- a travelling toiletry and cable bag. Brilliant idea. I love me workations, as well. My husband gets sent on weekend training trips every quarter, and he always brings the family along so we can have some fun on his down time. We turn his business trip into our own family vacation.

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