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John Cleese’s Creativity Suggestions

Cleese Creativity, Innovation, Creative ThinkingAs a reader or subscriber to this blog, you’ve come to expect the unexpected, which is why you’re here right now, reading this.

One of the foundational concept of Exponential Internet Marketing that we teach our clients is how to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) by blogging.

Today’s post is a prime example. It was sent to me by Brian Matthews of Axis Planning. He came across a great article on creativity by the legendary John Cleese. I have to admit, it’s brilliant in its simplicity and elegance. It reflects several recent books I’ve been reading on cognition and accelerated learning techniques.

What Brian has done is create user-generated content. Easier said than done. It takes most people YEARS before anyone generates content for them. I teach my clients how to do it in DAYS and WEEKS… Click on the hyperlinks above to learn more about how we do that, but before you do, this blog post encapsulates half a dozen SEO strategies that can help you generate more leads for your business – contact us and we’ll show you how it’s done – using legitimate strategies that are GUARANTEED to work.

Engineers As Artists?!?!?

Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours in Melbourne blogged about an Engineer who is also an artist. Is that even possible? Check it out and to see more examples, go to www.Antimimeticisomorphism.info, select Cool Photos and scroll down the page to PCB Boards Recycling.

Attention Engineers!

At recent recent Slide Rule Thinking In The Internet Age events, I focused on how to develop an Exponential Mindset to create better outcomes for yourself as an engineer whether or not you’re a designer, project manager or executive. It was informative because it introduced participants to a whole new way of thinking, commonly called outside the square or outside the box thinking.

One of the frameworks that underlies this Exponential Mindset Thinking when it pertains to creativity and innovation in Parallel Thinking as coined by Edward De Bono. There is an event that I came across recently that I thought might be of interest. Its called Creative Innovation 2010. I had a quick look and I have to admit – it looks interesting!

If you’re looking for inspiration as a designer, you want to explore different sources, tap into each one to extract the essence of the message to guide you along the path of greater self-awareness that enables you to come up with bigger and better ideas and solutions for your engineering projects.

I’ve read at least half a dozen books written by Edward De Bono – I highly recommend them if you want to develop your creativity and innovative thinking skills.