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5 Reasons Why You Must Take Pride in Your Appearance

I’ve blogged about this concept before. The beauty premium, erotic capital, why you can’t afford to be ugly and of course how tall people make more money than their shorter colleagues.


Attractiveness matters – especially in business when you want to create a professional appearance

Presenting a professional face in business is important to your credibility as a serious player. While modern day business means you can wear your pyjamas while working from home, using services like Servcorp Australia creates a professional business appearance to your customers.

Although you might work anywhere in the world, a reputable virtual office service will give you a prestigious business address that will make a lasting impression on your clients. These services will provide you with a highly professional receptionist to field your calls, again creating a highly professional and satisfying experience to your callers. Most of these services will also include access to boardrooms and meeting rooms of a highly impressive calibre.

“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure” Zig Ziglar

Personal appearance is as important to successful business as the physical appearance of your office. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. It’s All About The First Impression

It is a well-known fact that people will generally sum you up and judge you within the first 5 seconds of meeting you. This is largely an unconscious process, but nevertheless the impression you make in those first seconds will be lasting. You cannot underestimate the importance of making a good first impression. So, if you are getting ready for a business meeting or a meeting with a new client, it is imperative to take the time required to look like a true professional. This costs you nothing but a little effort and will have far-reaching effects in relation to your business success. Dress to succeed!

2. A Healthy Approach

Taking pride in your personal appearance will foster overall good health and fitness. Being proactive about your appearance will cause you to be proactive about your general health: what you eat, how often you exercise and ensuring you get enough sleep. Taking a little extra effort to look good will pay dividends in terms of your health and fitness as well as in the way you look.

3. How You Look Reflects Your Attitude

Some people are dedicated to being anti-style. They are convinced that how they look doesn’t really matter, as long as they are comfortable. And so they turn up to business meetings in joggers, baggy shorts and crumpled t-shirts. The problem with this approach is that the lack of care you show in the way you dress will be interpreted as a sloppy, uncaring attitude. You will not be taken seriously. That is the simple reality of the matter.

All this might seem quite provocative, but shouldn’t be. The Economist Magazine recently explained why attractive women should not include a photo with a job application. This is how important this is – whether we like it or not.

4. Increase Your Confidence

There is absolutely no doubt that looking good increases your confidence. Why do you think beauty parlours, skin care agencies, hair stylists and clothing shops are doing such a booming trade? Looking good translates into more opportunities. If you look good, if you feel god, you take a level of confidence and self-assuredness (a very attractive quality in business) with you into the business world.

5. Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Looking good is really about putting your best foot forward – a proactive approach to good business.

This blog post was submitted by a guest blogger.

5 Ways to take your business to the next level

Aymane Remmal - www.exponentialprograms.comClimbing the ladder in the business world can be tricky. It takes careful planning and good judgment. In some cases you need to be psychic. But climbing the ladder is not impossible. As long as you are open to learning new lessons then this journey won’t be as tedious. To get your business started, here are five ways you make your business reach the next level.

1. Use your unique selling proposition

This is the factor that you sell as the reason your product or service is better than your competition. But before this can be done, you need to be sold on this reason yourself. Grab a pair of your customer’s shoes and run a mile in them. Ask yourself what do you customers want and need? What are their motivations? Why are they buying specific products over others? This reason is crucial in creating a good sales pitch and you can uncover this information by investing in feedback surveys or market research. Then once the research is done, switch your customer’s shoes for your creativity ones because you need to figure out how to sell this message in a unique way.

2. Be the best in customer service

Psychologically if a customer has a bad experience somewhere they will then take it as their personal mission to save someone else from experiencing the same. Treat every customer with the respect they deserve and cater to their needs. ‘Word of mouth,’ marketing is still the most influential ad in the world. Give them the best experience and this starts by having a good receptionist at the door. Servcorp Executive Suites are one rental office company that values the need of having a good receptionist.

3. Be mindful during hiring and fire away

It wastes expenses and time to train the wrong person. It is more beneficial to have a lengthy hiring process in place than a speedy one. Forget about the pressure to hire quickly and instead redirect this urgency when you let someone go because at the end of the day, you will wish you let them go earlier.

4. Have a good location

Invest in having your office on a good city street with lots of traffic. Make sure your company’s name is displayed on the front door and have a good slogan that sells your unique product or service. Someone is bound to read it in the midst of a traffic jam. Don’t forget to display your contact details.

5. Make your business appeal to the masses

Have a product with a reasonable price for all social classes because when your business seems accessible, you will seem friendlier overall. Remove the intimidation. Classify your services with different levels of offers and then give the customer the opportunity to upgrade after a certain time. You are expanding on their brand loyalty and by then they might not want to waste their time searching for a similar service somewhere else. Also invest in a marketing plan that sells your key message to all.