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Speaker Tools Of The Trade

Monica and I recently took a “workation“, which is a term I invented when I combine work and a vacation. Most of the time is work, the balance… vacation. If it’s the reverse, it’s called a “playcation” – that’s what I do when I compete in squash – my tournament PLAY comes first and foremost, followed by work.

Anyway, the reason I am blogging today is because when I packed for my workation, I left some of my cables and PowerPoint clicker behind. At first it was an annoyance, then I realised it was a sign that I needed to have DOUBLES – like I’ve had for my mobile phone and computer – a set of cables JUST FOR TRAVEL so that I am not constantly plugging and un-plugging my cables.

So now I have doubles of everything I need, will position them in special ‘secret’ pouches in my carry-on luggage and will be set to go anytime, anywhere.

By the way, I’ve been doing this with my toiletries for more than 10 years – when I was a road warrior, travelling the world (North America, Europe and Australia) on an on-going basis – I starting keeping one set of shaving cream, deodorant, brush, toothpaste etc. in a toiletries back SEPARATE from the ones I used at home. This way, I never forgot to bring anything and packing time was substantially reduced.

Just a quick, easy way to reduce the burden of travel and make your new career as a public speaker less stressful and more enjoyable!

If you have any other tips like this to share, please let me know and I’ll make sure I pass it along to our readers!