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Vacuums and voids

You may be aware of the scientific theory that ‘nature abhors a vacuum’.  In quantum mechanics, it’s referred to as the vacuum state, which basically means there’s no such thing as a vacuum. Let’s say, for example, that you created some kind of glass container closed off to all physical particles.  From the outside looking […]

The power of why

Today’s blog post is priceless and timeless. Priceless because it can be life-changing and timeless because it dates back several hundred ago and it remains timely and relevant to this day… This was submitted to me by Mark Mackenzie of The Graffiti Eaters. When Beethoven was 26, he started to lose his hearing.  It began […]

The Top 5 Traits of Toxic Teams

At one time or another chances are you’ve worked in a Toxic Team… You know what I’m talking about don’t you? One of those teams where the week feels like this: MOANday TEARSday WASTEday THIRSTday FIGHTday Seriously though, there are some common traits that are alive and well to some degree in all Toxic Teams […]