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How to Have a Productive Warehouse

Under Creative Commons uploaded to Flickr by Gwan Kho

Under Creative Commons uploaded to Flickr by Gwan Kho

Productivity in the workplace isn’t something that happens by accident. The most successful business owners will tell you it comes down to the team, a system of procedures and the physical organisation of your operation.

So if you’re looking to make your warehouse more productive here are three top tips.

Systems and procedures

Regardless of whether you run a warehouse, an office or a shopfront, business thrives on systems and procedures. Noting down what you expect to happen, when, how and who in the organisation performs that task is the most effective way of communicating with your team about the goals and operations of your company.

Written systems and procedures also allow your team to know who answers to whom and how your company is expected to operate on a day-to-day basis and especially when things don’t go to plan.

It also allows you to ascertain whether your business is meeting its expectations and key performance indicators, how your time and money are being spent, or whether there are areas in your company that need an overhaul or re-assessment.

A systems and procedure document also allows you to operate with the minimum staff required in a time-efficient manner, knowing that every person has a clear job for which they are responsible.

Clear lines of communication

Clear communication amongst your staff and management is also a sign of a business with the intention to succeed. It allows the manager and owner to let their people know their expectations and goals, but also ensures the most junior of employees have the opportunity to voice concerns or thoughts about the operation of the business.

Good two-way communication has been shown to cut down on injuries, workplace bullying, and business inefficiencies.


Time, money and effort are all wasted through poor organisation. From mapping out your organisational structure along with systems and processes to the physical organisation of your warehouse, your plan should be to optimise efficiency.

That includes optimising the efficiency of your space and stock layout. Good organisation, stock tracking and itemisation means your staff can access products when and where they are required in a time-effective manner.

That may mean keeping your most used stock items in easily accessible areas or reworking your space and storage solutions to ensure all stock is readily accessible.

Good positioning of your stock, clear itemisation and easy access to all stock also ensures the safety of your workforce.

Reputable storage solution companies such asĀ Elbowroom have some great alternatives when it comes to re-organising the physical space of your warehouse and their products range from document storage boxes and benches right through to pallet racking (click here for more details).

Being organised has many benefits – productivity is one!

In the end productivity is about the bottom line. It’s about finding efficiencies and using them to your advantage by working with your team, communicating effectively and using your space to its best potential.