The Game Changing Careers In Life (*Politics Not Included)


Remember back to your first day in the working world – how long ago it seems! Aside from the time, something which may have changed is your outlook. As a fresh-faced, green newbie, you wanted to change the world one step at a time. After a while, office politics and red tape make everyone more cynical. The good news is it’s never too late to change career regardless of age or experience. So, if you’re looking to become a game changer, the journey starts here. As politicians (Mr Trump) aren’t in vogue, below are the careers to consider without being a policy-maker.

Non-profit Consultant

Massive corporations make money hand over fist and don’t care about the consequences. At least, this is how the general public feels about the likes of Apple and Google. Nonprofits are charitable organisations that try to make a difference in the world without skimming off the top. As a consultant for Greenpeace, for example, you would be in charge of developing strategies to tackle plastic and air pollution. Considering the planet is in danger, your ideas could change the way the world’s behaviour. More exciting, they may save the planet from extinction and that isn’t an overstatement.




University Recruiter

Recruiting the next generation isn’t as direct as saving the world, but not everyone can be the organic James Bond. Sometimes, it’s better to take a backseat and guide the people who are going to make a difference. Cambridge, Oxford, Yale and Harvard still need students to come through the door, and they want the best of the best. A job as a recruiter would involve shaping academic choices which could lead to the next generation of politicians. Okay, politics is still a sore subject, but what about lawyers, environmentalists and scholars? All of these professions require a top-class degree.

Software Developer

Yep, the world we now live in is one where technology is shaping culture and not just popular culture. The likes of Gates, Jobs and Musk have and still are branching out into space travel, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. And, these are three areas which could revolutionise humanity in the next decade or two. Although they are visionaries, the people in the labs are just as integral to the process. An Autodesk developer impacts skyscrapers, while camera technicians help build driverless cars. Just check out the Google car if you want to know what goes into making one.


Clichéd as it is, the pen is mightier than the sword, not that anyone fancies a duel. Still, words have a meaning and can impact readers in a variety of ways, compelling them to take action. Dylan Farrow recently wrote an open letter which convinced actors and actresses to stop working with Woody Allen. As taboo as the subject is, her words were passionate, succinct and educating. Journalists can disseminate info, on the other hand, and help people formulate opinions. Of course, it has to be an establishment such as The Guardian or New York Times.

Are you a game changer? Which profession suits you the best?

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