The more you do, the more you can get done

When I talk to my clients about productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, I triangulate or combine the Pareto Principle, Goal Setting and several other strategies in a concept I call Voluntary Simplexity. It has its foundation in the movement from the 1980s called Voluntary Simplicity that was made popular with the International Bestseller “Your Money Or Your Life”.

When you apply it, it slows your life down, much like the slow-motion effects in the movie The Matrix.

Imagine being able to live life with that level of confidence, peace and serenity, all without compromising results but improving them. Have a look at my personal mastery website and you’ll see the holistic approach I take to business growth.

Neo And Agent Smith in The Matrix

Neo And Agent Smith in The Matrix

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  • Ooh, I LOVE the idea of voluntary simplicity. I think that can be applied to EVERY area of my life right now. Things just get so complicated and overloaded for no good reason. Voluntary simplicity. I need to voluntarily simplify my life before the choice is taken away from me. I think there is a great deal of control in simplicity and that is important when looking at business things.

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