There’s A Pandemic: Here’s How To Protect Your People

A big part of this pandemic ending is with everyone working together. The global pandemic has changed the way that we do business, with many different companies asking their people to work from home for the first time. You want your customers to feel safe, sure, but as a business owner it’s even more important to ensure that your employees are safe. These are your people and keeping them from being infected with COVID-19 has to be a priority for you.

A public health crisis that goes unmanaged is even more dangerous than you think, and if you can ensure that your staff are communicated with properly, that you have a plan in place to get people back to work, you are going to continue to build a very loyal team. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to COVID-19 just yet, and there could be additional outbreaks and mutations in the future, so communication is key to ensuring that your employees are ready and feel supported by you. With this in mind, here is a list of suggestions to ensure that you protect your staff.

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  • Sanitise. Workstation sanitation should be in place at every desk in your office. If you make sure that health is a focus the moment they come into work, it’s easy to pick up and maintain good habits. Employees that can’t work from home should be kept safe and that means sanitiser, wipes, no-touch trash cans, tissues and soap at every surface. Encourage your staff to keep their own workspaces clean on top of the office cleaning company that you choose to work your building at this time. Keep the whole building as sanitised as possible to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.
  • Sickness Policies. You have to be sympathetic to your staff when they are coming back into work. It may have once been the policy to have sick days as unpaid, but realistically that cannot be the case during a pandemic. Create rules to balance the staff working from home when feeling unwell but not “laid up in bed”, and those who can work, should. If they can’t this is where you need to have some balance so that staff don’t feel pressured to bring in sick notes. Paid sick days have to be the norm for now, if you can manage it!
  • Talk About Security. Your staff may be worried that they won’t get paid, but part of the plan should be to let your staff know that if they get COVID-19, their jobs are safe. Your staff are valuable to you, and it’s important that you let them know that you know that. Staff should be able to communicate effectively with you, not fearing for their futures when they do.
  • Openness & Flexibility. Lastly, you should ensure that you offer your staff flexibility. If people don’t feel comfortable going back into the office, don’t make them do it, either. Make sure that people are supported enough to work from home and have the right technology to continue it. It’s time to be flexible with your staff.

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