Tips For Protecting Your Business Creations

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If you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into a business venture, the last thing you would want would be for all your creative work to end up being stolen from under your nose.

Unfortunately, however, it is not uncommon for businesses – especially young businesses created by first-time entrepreneurs – to leave some quite dramatic weak spots in place, when it comes to protecting their professional creations and intellectual property.


Though there is no absolutely certain way to ensure that the service or product you create will remain “unique” for long, there are certainly a variety of steps you can take in order to help protect your business creations to the best of your ability.

Here are some of those tips.

Be aware of the applicable legalities

It might be that where you live, and with the type of business you do, your intellectual property is already subject to certain protections by default. Then again, maybe it isn’t. Do you know for sure what the case is?

Not only that, but have you consulted with a company such as Progressive Legal to understand the nuances of trademark law and infringement, and how those things might relate to your business?

A lot of entrepreneurs become so passionately caught up in the momentum of what it is they’re doing, that they don’t do their due diligence with regards to researching these sorts of topics. Your first step in protecting your professional creations, therefore, is to do your due diligence and make yourself aware of the applicable legalities to the best of your ability.

It will almost certainly be a good idea to consult with a legal expert, in any case, in the early days of your business.

Trademark at the earliest possible point

It would be a terrible thing to end up developing a brand only to have it immediately ripped off by someone else – or even essentially stolen outright – simply because you had not gone through the process of registering your professional trademark at the right point.

If your business “hasn’t yet taken off,” or if a particular product or service of yours hasn’t yet attracted very much attention, it’s natural that you might end up completely overlooking the need to register a trademark. The problem is that when things do pick up, it might be too late.

As a general rule, trademark everything that you plan to stick with long term, at the earliest possible point.

If possible, keep your routines, recipes and so on concealed

While the branding, and certain particulars, of a product or service of yours can be trademarked, that doesn’t necessarily prevent close imitations from appearing in a hurry, should that product or service become popular.

If possible, keep your routines, recipes, and so on confidential and concealed. Don’t make it any easier than it needs to be for third parties to undermine the uniqueness of what it is you’re offering, or to replicate your formula for success, either.

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