Top Gun Sales Strategies 2 of 4

In my previous blog post, I covered the first Top Gun Sales Strategy, getting a suspect or prospect to consider what you have to offer. Skipping that step is the #1 Sales Sin Salespeople commit. In their eagerness (desperation) to make the sale, they jump right into the ‘sell’… BIG mistake.

You can’t decide something you never considered in the first place.

Once a suspect has considered doing business with you, you need to get him/her to DECIDE.

Most people think that’s asking for the sale, getting the credit card and finalising the transaction – that’s the #2 Sales Sin

BECAUSE that’s the third strategy – which I will explain in the next blog post.

DECIDE is all about taking the mental step and saying “Yes” I will do this – BEFORE any discussion of how.

It’s the WHAT versus the HOW.

A Top Gun Salesperson knows you can’s discuss the HOW if the WHAT hasn’t been DECIDED.

The most obvious and straight forward approach to do this is to ask.

“Have you decided to join us?”

“What needs to happen for you to make this decision?”

“Do you need anything more to make the decision you know you want to make?”

Only then can you move to step 3. That’s the topic for the next blog post.

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Stay tuned for step 3 in my next blog post.

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