Triple your productivity

According to sound and acoustic expert Julian Treasure, working in an open plan office decreases your productivity by 66%… Watch this short video that can help you improve your personal productivity.

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  • Yeah, how true it is!! And I was shocked to ‘hear’ that it can affect productivity by that much, I guess that is why is so very many web development companies each designer sits with their own headphones on listening to their own music.

    Not a great way to create a fun atmosphere, but certainly it must be a productive one. This video also reminds of a company whose slogan is “Do you know what your brand sounds like?”

    With all this evidence I think it is surprising retailers haven’t jumped it improving their sound. So, it is back to bird noises for me. It’s driving my dog crazy. You can see a cute image of my dog at having him in the office has certainly helped our productivity.

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